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    Trying to make a complaint to Aer Lingus....they are having a laugh.

    Do you try calling their customer service line and actually discuss your issue with someone there?
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    Emirate Airlines.

    I too struggle with Claustrophobia. Emirates were fantastic. I booked a seat at the back of the plane which allowed me to get up and walk around the back of the plane without disturbing anyone. Food was excellent. Drink is free on the flight so have a glass of vino for yourself. Dubai is a great...
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    Sage 50 Accounts Essentials correction option

    Hi, I`ve recently began using the above software. On this new 2016 updated version of Sage (used to be Sage Instant Accounts) it had a "corrections" button down in the bottom left hand corner. On the newer version I just cant seen to find the corrections option. Can someone direct me please...
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    Shirley Tomato leaves curling

    Hi would anyone know why the leaves are curling up on a "shirley" tomato plant? It is a 100% organic plant and has not had anything sprayed on it nor has it been fed, only with water. Its currently growing in a greenhouse. Also any tips for a homemade bug sprays please? Thanks.
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    Claiming VRT on a vehicle for a cancer patient

    Thats exactly what I was looking for Steiner, cheers :)
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    Claiming VRT on a vehicle for a cancer patient

    There are grants for a person with a physical disability to be able to claim VRT and road tax and a limited diesel allowance if you or your passenger are disabled. I was told this is also the case if you have a family member with incurable or terminal cancer? I am currently not the primary...
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    2010 VW Transporter day lights inop

    van bought in may 2013 from VW dealership. Lights inop from day one. Brought vehicle back to garage, they said their diagnostic computer is not working. Brought van back in another day they plugged it in and said the computer is saying they are working, but there not! Brought it back again and...
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    Can car service co (without my authorisation) text me 12m on with "service reminder"?

    If I give my contact number to a garage when getting my car serviced. Can they (without my authorisation) text me 12 months later with a "service reminder"? SS
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    Aer Lingus check in

    I use an iphone & have tried twice to use the check in app. Each time its told me "this particular flight does not support mobile phone check in" I was flying Cork / Manchester
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    Hotel IN Dubai Airport?

    Thank you Shark that has helped. will email them tonight.
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    Hotel IN Dubai Airport?

    Thank you, we are flying into terminal 3. im not sure how far terminal 1 is away from that?
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    Hotel IN Dubai Airport?

    We are scheduled to fly into Dubai airport at 1:30am. Our connecting flight isnt until 10:30am (9 hours later). Is there a hotel on the grounds of the airport or actually attached to the airport that we can stay in for the night? If not, can anyone recommend a hotel please? cheap 'n cheerful...
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    Incorrect dental charge 4 months later

    I got a ceramic veneer inserted in Aug 2010. It cost me €200 It went black within 4 weeks so dentist re-did it FOC in Sept. It then fell out last week so I went back Monday. Dentist re-did it and looked to charge me €50. Can anyone advise me as I don't feel I should be paying this as an...
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    iTunes updates ready but showing errors?!!

    when i connect my iPhone 4 to my laptop & I open iTunes, it notifies me that updates are ready. I select same & the update process begins. As it nears completion it throws up a dialogue box telling me "Errors occured while trying to install updates, if this problem persists go to...
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    Caravan - good or bad idea

    we have a camper and head off most weekends. Pick up a booklet of Campsites in Ireland (any travel shop will have one) there only €5 well worth it.... You will have great holidays, meet fantastic people, great social life & most of all if/when its raining you simply sit back with a glass of...
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    Does anyone own a dog and still have a garden?

    our collie herds our car when we drive into the driveway. shes a scream... she circles the table at home if i move it too.... However, we live on plenty of land so there no issue with exercise for her either. I have found that her nature and temperment has gotten calmer as shes gotten older...
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    Christening Venue for Cork

    a mutual friend of a friend held her childs christening in the Montenotte hotel. Apparently they had a lovely medium sized room where the adults ate happily and the kids played happily. SS
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    Illumnous & labelled Work gear - where to purchase?

    Looking for work pants and illumnous tops/jackets etc for my OH. We also want to get the company info sewn onto them. Any suggestions?
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    Please recommend a hotel in Dublin City Centre..

    Thanks for those... Ive looked at the Grafton Capital Hotel too. Looks nice, any feedback?