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    Havana Thinking of going to Havana for a week , would anyone who had been there lately have any tips , dos donts etc etc
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    Repair,Replacement, or depreciated refund

    Check out this
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    Wrong forum Kogan website

    Has anyone ever heard of the above website or bought anything off them . They are based in australia and have much cheaper prices on ipads, phones etc. Am just wondering if anyone has any experience of them
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    Hotel Booking Sites

    Hotelsclick I used this site last year and had no problems with them.
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    Smell from oil-based paint on mdf

    have u tried onions
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    Waxed pine furniture

    Its not her place they are just stockists of her paint - there is another stockist in tipperary but the paint can be ordered and delivered
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    Painter and Decorators

    Can anyone tell me if they have ever used a company called curragh decor as they currently have a great offer on grabone website, so I am wondering what their work is like
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    Waxed pine furniture

    Chalk Paint There is a great paint out by a woman called annie sloan, its chalk paint and paints over almost anything. If you check out her website you could see if her paint would work or even email them to ask
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    Suggestions about purchasing a good mattress

    Homestore and more have half price mattresses at present
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    Painting new stairs??

    A . stairs kitchen - its still paint job B. I'm not accusing anyone off ripping anyone off, I said in my opion it was overpriced
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    Painting new stairs??

    The prices I gave were for brush job and I used these to do a kitchen recently. At no point did I say anyone was being ripped off - I said I thought it was expensive in my opinion
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    Painting new stairs??

    Tin of primer €30 and 5 litre tin of Satinwood Paint approx €30 so after that your paying for the labour of which €500 seems way overpriced imo
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    overpaying mortgage

    Is this worthwile or is it just going off the interest
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    Rent supplement query

    <LI hoverIntent_s="1" hoverIntent_t="8379" jQuery1345635925515="75">Private rented accommodation. You can combine time living in more than one rented accommodation to satisfy the 6 months (183 days). You must be able to show that you could afford the rent at the beginning of your tenancy and...
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    Mortgage Advice – Variable mortgage AIB or BOI

    I have my mortgage with them and am happy enough, was just informing the op as to this as they were having trouble deciding
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    Netflix now available in Ireland (movie selection poor and old).

    How does the apple tvbox work as I was recently looking at them but not sure what they do
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    Mortgage Advice – Variable mortgage AIB or BOI

    Aib are putting their variable rate up in september even though ecb have cut the rates
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    overpaying mortgage

    Ding ding that link didnt work - do you know of any others
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    Moving from carers benefit to Allowance

    Is this link any help to you