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    Recommend a free logo design tool

    I've done some work with Cian from The Logo Lab and have no hesitation in recommending his work (if you've ever visited the web/design sections of boards I'm sure you'll have stumbled across him there). Sheena Oosten also does some terrific work, if you're looking at various options. Surprised...
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    How to promote a website via Google

    You're pretty much wasting your time adding your site in that manner in any case (I've not checked the links provided for the various other submission offerings, but I'll happily include them as wasted time), the search engines will discover the site naturally once you start to gain backlinks...
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    Accountant Recommendation (Foreign Property & tax relief mainly) South Dublin

    Not exactly South Dublin, but East Wall Road so pretty central, so you might find it suitable. No problem recommending Ralph Smith from DoMyBooks as a Dublin accountant. Relatively speaking, he's very comfortable with technology so makes the location side of things a lot less of a problem (you...
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    365 BOI Banking Frustration

    You've obviously never tried their business online offering, that's a whole other level of convolution :(
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    365 BOI Banking Frustration

    Once you've registered your mobile it becomes a lot more straight forward. It's actually my favourite of the authorisation methods available from Irish banks. Given that it's a one off, pretty much removes that issue once you receive the code and register the phone. Have you set up a payment...
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    RTE website Search option

    I'm not entirely sure what numbers you're referring to, but I'd assume you mean the ones on the top right of the bar (12345>>) just above the results, to the right of the Date? If so, it's simply the page numbers for the search returned. If you're sorting by Date, it will mean that 1 refers...
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    Have domain name, how do I set up email?

    Assuming you want your mail to be handled directly by gmail (and remove blacknight entirely from the mail equation there - so no redirects required), you can set this up too. With google apps, you can use this for free for up to 10 mail accounts (it used to be higher, so the exact limit will...
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    Online shop & paypal

    I'm a big fan of Realex, they provide a great service and excellent customer service to back it up, but as Hammerhead mentioned it really comes down to the specific needs in each case. For many new start ups, attaining merchant banking services can be an ordeal (or impossible). Having fixed...
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    Freelance while on Social Welfare and FAS schemes

    Heh, as assumed, it is there and available. I'd guess staff just aren't fully aware of it. This one is from the Tolka Area Partnership (the links for the application form and business plan workbook a little down the page), but the information is the same across the board (just the contact...
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    Freelance while on Social Welfare and FAS schemes

    When I queried this I was told no, but to be honest I didn't look and received a copy of it via email almost instantly. Seems odd not to have it publicly available though, so I'm sure it must be somewhere.
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    Freelance while on Social Welfare and FAS schemes

    There are a few requirements to making the application (same process for STEA or BTWEA), the most onerous of those (relatively speaking) is providing a business plan. They have a standard 'plan' template that you can use (pretty basic) or you can supply one of your own (I'd suggest doing up...
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    Android/Apps Question

    dahamsta covered it pretty well. The only real 'recurring' charge you'd need to consider is on the data usage of an app. If you're not connecting via wifi, the data can add up and lead to you exceeding your limits (assuming you have a data plan with your provider). It's easily solved by...
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    Short term BTWEA and medical card

    I've never heard of 'keeping it for 3 years', but that's not to say it doesn't exist. Again, I'm not 100% on the details, but I believe there's a few caveats over this. I'm almost sure there's a cap on earnings associated with retaining the secondary benefits, somewhere in the low €3xx per week...
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    Facebook and Pubs

    Nope, it's totally free. (The only 'potential' costs are optional, in terms of creating a custom landing page [requires some minor web dev knowledge, so you can probably handle that for free] or promoting a page with advertising [very much optional]) There are some minor differences in...
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    Facebook and Pubs

    I think the real problem here is that you're using a profile (intended for personal use) as a business (which should be a 'business page', administered through a personal account). It's in breach of the FB T&Cs and could be deleted for the violation. They have recently introduced the option to...
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    Great Irish Times account of a Gmail scam

    To be fair to the poor victim, while agreeing that should have been a red flag, there are legitimate companies that do have similar set ups. The 17.5% surcharge is very much over the odds (and common among fraudulent sites), but many (legit) companies will allow a discount for direct bank...
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    Yes, it's the same network as Meteor. I frequently hear comments about problems with the meteor network coverage, yet have never experienced it myself (above and beyond those of any other network - I'm not suggesting it's not the case, it obviously depends on the specific areas you travel to...
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    Online shop & paypal

    A little late to the party, but seeing as it hasn't really been cleared up... Are there different types of paypal accounts I can set up and if so, whats the best? There are a number of different account types, but which one is 'best' will entirely depend on your needs and usage. Compare the...
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    the warning beep on my pc has changed tone

    Which OS are you using? (vista, windows 7, etc) If you have vista for example, go to "Control Panel" > "Hardware and Sound" > "Sound" > "Change system sounds" and here you can check/tweak any of the individual sounds. For the word one, I'm pretty sure that's the "Exclamation" warning, but I...
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    Sent Fire Brigade Bill Following Accident

    Never had the misfortune so can't comment with any knowledge or experience, but I always assumed that in a case like this you'd be required (as per your policy) to send the information on to your own insurance company and let them follow it up as appropriate? Hope someone can confirm/correct...