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    Pizza bases

    Pizza oven wasn't that expensive it sits on top of barbecue, good job would bake a pizza in a couple of minutes, we don't have any pizza delivery here in rural Galway so we have to try and make our own. Nothing like sitting out on a summer evening with a good piźza and a nice glass of white wine.
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    Pizza bases

    Will give them a go
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    Pizza bases

    Are they plain piźza bases, haven't seen them
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    Pizza bases

    I had a go. might try again using the pizza flour, started buying the pizza base in Aldi not great.still better than them frozen pizzas.
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    Pizza bases

    Any one know where I can source good pizza bases I recently purchased a pizza oven and my pizza bases are leaving me dow.
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    Electricity to Garden Shed

    Interested in this myself as I use an extension lead to an outside socket and DIY the wiring in the shed myself perfectly leget when your using an extension leed. but i would like to do permanent job, could you keep us posted of costs of materials and labour I recon you wouldn't have much...
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    Window overlooking garden - replaced frosted by clear

    Looks like some people want to go back to the twichiing curtains.
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    Arrears with credit union.

    Probably the best thing is to call them and see what's going on.
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    Partner not helping financially

    10 years is a long time I would say he has some rights to the property all ready. He definitely entitled to his 40 k back anyway.
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    Partner not helping financially

    I don't think it's your house anymore. ye sound more like flat mates and bad flat mates at that, if you still consider it your house after 10 years of living as a couple no wonder he quit paying his share.
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    buying house in Galway, yes/No places?

    I hate treads like this, people that never lived in a place are going to start bashing towns they might have just passed looking out the window of there car.
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    Car Purchase with Outstanding Finance

    Pay finance company first and give the seller the rest
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    Changing Broadband & Phone Provider

    Eir are looking for an activation fèe of 39.99 and an installation fèe of 99.99 which are all to be paid in the first month, this fibre high speed broadband is on a pole outside my wall,Its good to know it's there but I think I will leave it there for another while hoping the cost of...
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    Avantcard personal Loan

    Keep loan paid and you have no bother with them.
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    Boundary Hedge

    Who wants a 12 foot boundary hedge. 8 foot is a good height for a hedge, bring him in a bottle of wine and thank him for keeping hedge under control and wish him a nice weekend.
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    Cost to have a mature tree cut down?

    Down here in the sticks we wouldn't see this as a problem but as an opportunity to get some good quality firewood for the stove. So down she would come while you would be making a cup of taa.
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    Cost to have a mature tree cut down?

    You could put an add up in adverts or donedeal free timber, Large tree free to take away.
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    Naming-and-Shaming + Conscience Money + Retribution

    I don't take any notice of these names on tax defaulters list and think it's a wast of time most of these people are hard working people and get up early in the morning .What about a list of the long term unemployed that have sat on there behind for years and never done a stroke of work and no...
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    RTE player only plays Ads then cuts off

    If all else fails uninstall and install the app again might help
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    Advice on investing €170000

    A world cruise and bring me with you to carry the bags.