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    Mortgage Protection & Critical Illness Cover

    Serious illness cover provides a lump sum to pay off outstanding debts allowing you to focus on recovery without worrying how your loans are going to be paid. If you're worried about long term income replacement the you should try income protection as advised by another poster. Income...
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    Other PHI (Income Protection) Policy

    You can only protect up to 75% of your annual income (less state illness benefit if entitled) so there is no point paying the extra premium.
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    Best pub in Dublin for German Euro games? Presumably this German bar will put on a show. Free food at half time. Beer served in steins if you can handle them.
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    Avoid €60 Charge. Ryanair website down 18-20 May 2012

    Check in early if you intend to travel this weekend.
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    Eircom Phonewatch (Are the Gardai really going to respond) Closure of Stations.

    My alarm was triggered this morning. I got home in 15 minutes, Gardai arrived 3 minutes later. False alarm thankfully.
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    NAMA Deferred Payment Initiative

    115 test houses based in Cork, Dublin and Meath. Protects buyers from 20% decrease over 5 years. Buyer provides 10% deposit. AIB, BOI and PTSB providing the mortgages.
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    Weetabix are 3.5c each in Lidle (72 pack). Normally >10c each in Dunnes etc

    Unless that meat has travelled long distance and is pumped full of water, antiobiotics and carbon dioxide to artificially extend it's shelf life. You get what you pay for.
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    Life Life Assurance, Salary Protection Question

    Disability allowance is €188 per week. How much do you currently earn per week? Could you survive that drop in income? All other things being equal a 45 year old will pay around 50% more for the same cover as a 30 year old. If you pay €80pm now, you will pay around €120pm at 45. If you suffer...
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    Life Acorn Life Cover Policy

    Yes, by cancelling you can get the cash value. Before you cancel make sure you can get standard rates at another insurer.
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    Is rental income taken into account at all?

    Case by case basis. Depends on demand, location, length of time it has been occupied without a break in tenancy.
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    Mortgage Life Insurance - Death v's Serious Illness

    There is no standard practice, it's up to you. Basic mortgage protection is all the lender requires you to take out. Some people like paying the extra for peace of mind. Be sure to shop around. It is advisable not to buy your insurance from your lender. Price comparisons here
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    Life Acorn Life Cover Policy

    They are interchangeable terms, historical differences but nothing for you to worry about. It looks like your cover is index linked, has your amount of cover also increased from €280k? I don't know in what ratio Acorn increase their premium and benefits but it's probably an 8% increase in...
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    Other Income Protection Recommendation

    Serious illness pays a lump sum should you contract one of the specified serious illnesses as defined in your policy. Income protection pays an ongoing income as long as you are unable to work. They are two different types of policy. You may already know this. For serious illness cover, New...
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    High Court Challenge to Household Charge

    Why's that dereko?
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    High Court Challenge to Household Charge

    It's not going to stop the charge but it undermines confidence. The government must have known this tax would be met with resistance so you would think they would do everything they could to make is run as smoothly as possible. So far: 1) The website is rubbish so you have difficulty paying...
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    High Court Challenge to Household Charge

    Fools day. How apt.
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    High Court Challenge to Household Charge

    THE HIGH Court has granted leave to challenge the household charge on grounds that the legislation underpinning it has not been published in Irish.
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    92% of people yet to register for household charge

    Only 133,365 properties have been registered. €13.3 million raised. Government hopes to raise an additonal €146.7m by March 31. Good luck with that.
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    gatwick to central london for arsenal game

    You're grand. If you're happy to buy online then go for it. I buy at the station but that's just me. You'll be ok for time. If you're getting Stansted Express, don't go as far as Liverpool St. Get off at Tottenham Hale and buy a day travelcard (zone 1-6) The travelcard will cover the rest...