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    Beats by Dr Dre headphones

    Apparently lots of fakes around, would be careful where you buy (if online or second hand)
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    Your mobile phone, show me what you got

    There's no profit to be made in selling basic handsets. Chart here compares market share & profit share:
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    ebookers, do they have a Dublin office?

    Was looking for this recently, the only info I could find was in the phone book They obviously don't want people phoning/posting them :)
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    Other gadget insurance

    It's worth shopping around and reading the small print on these type of insurance products. (Generally they are very profitable for the sellers...)
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    LinkedIn query

    The chances are the 10 suggested people are linked to some of your existing links.
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    Why is Administrator of Newbridge Credit Union paid so much?

    I'm wondering if the article was imprecise in the language used. There's a difference between "being paid an hourly rate" and "charging an hourly rate". The former suggests it's a full time salary he receives, the latter is what E&Y are getting for his "billable time". If it's a short term, part...
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    Can anyone shed some light on Property prices in Budapest.

    From yesterday's telegraph Europe's top 20 places to invest in property Budapest is #1
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    Recommend a kitchen fitter?

    I found Campbell kitchens very good in terms of design, build and price (Ikea was my benchmark also)
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    Android tablet - good deal

    In general I believe the ipad battery life is better than android. I believe apple have tighter control over the components and SW running (remember the adobe flash debate!)
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    Android tablet - good deal

    Check the bargain alerts thread on if you're looking for a cheap tablet. In general though, it's an older version of android, plus probably a cheaper resistive screen (since it doesn't say capacitive)
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    Quality Bargain TVs in the sales

    I have an older model panasonic plasma, 3.5 yrs, very happy with it. I (still) prefer plasma to lcd, but the led TVs look good too. I think plasma is heaviest on electricity, but probably only a factor if you're a heavy user. I think 3D is a fad, so personally wouldn't pay any more for this...
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    Drop in salary question.

    You might be able to calculate it yourself using one of the online budget calculators, e.g.
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    Would I get away with an indoor aeriel?.

    I'm experimenting with saorview at the moment also. Indoor/outdoor aerial will depend on your location, aerial and box/tv. Unfortunately no way to know if an indoor aerial will work until you try (& some will give different results). You can also get "saorview combo receivers" which give the...
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    Tracker Mortgages - Handcuffs to trading up

    One word that doesn't feature, "ladder". The notion of a property ladder was one of the great mis-sold myths during the boom.
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    Where is the best place to store digital photos?

    I use for photos. The monthly limit is 500MB & they keep photos in the original format. I also use to back up my laptop (selected folders) online. I have an external hard-drive, but I'm just not disciplined enough to use it regularly
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    Live on low income - A skill?

    You think that's bad?
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    Eddie Hobbs says non Euro accounts in Ireland not safe

    Are we on the brink of another "Joe Duffy moment"?
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    Is 50Hz vs 100Hz important for Saorview TV?

    This thread on boards might be of interest: 37" Full HD TV - Saorview compatible- €299 Tesco
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    Why Ipad???

    Not an owner of any tablet, nor an expert, but I would focus more on applications rather than specs. The reason an ipad would be the first choice over another tablet is the range of apps on the apple appstore. Android market does have alot of apps also, but very few are tablet...
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    Staff Member with European Arrest Warrant

    My first reaction is that it has to be a wind-up? Why would a detective give you a 'heads up'?