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    Solar panels connect to stove pipes

    To do it properly, you do need to change your tank - if this isn't economic, then so be it
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    Accessing US ETFs

    The problem is that the EU have imposed new reporting obligations on funds (including ETF's) to better protect investors from themselves and the US based funds can't be bothered (I'd use another word but it would probably be censored) to adhere to the format required. Thus their funds are barred...
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    Why there is so little house building in Ireland

    This thread has become pointless, imho, in more ways than one
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    Solar panels connect to stove pipes

    Solar heating is a pumped system so there will an entry and an exit point
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    Solar panels connect to stove pipes

    The usual way to do this is to install a hot water tank with two convection loops - one for the boiler, one for the solar panels. The solar panel convection loop is filled with glycol so that it will not freeze and cause damage in the winter-time, so it would not be good practice to combine the two
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    Why there is so little house building in Ireland

    That is not what the report said - the conclusion was It was clear then, and even more so now, that without building more homes, no matter what the split of the housing stock between rented properties and ppr, there is a crisis in play.
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    Tax liability on inheritance from a different country

    Inheritance taxes in Ireland are paid by the inheritor and the provenance of the inheritance does not come into account other than tax paid in the originator country may be off-settable against tax due in Ireland. The double taxation treaty between Ireland and France does not cover capital...
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    Taxation of income from an overseas PHI policy.

    First of all, if he is back in Ireland and is now resident or ordinarily resident, he is taxed on his world-wide income, so leaving the income in the States has no bearing on it being taxable or not If your friend has American nationality or dual nationality, he will be taxed by the americans...
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    State Savings - 40/50k for 10yrs

    This has been the standard remark for the last 10 years or so but it isn't anywhere near what has been priced into the market price of euro bonds - but it will eventually come to pass, so … (it's a bit like fusion energy, it's always just 10 year or so away and has been for the last 50 years)
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    My experience with installing SEAI grant aided solar PV

    I was wondering about the economic case for this so Capital Cost: € 6,000 Savings: 2,400 kWh per year (you said your use declined by almost 2/3rds to 1,300) Cost per kWh: € 0.22 is my estimate of the cost of 1kWh including standing costs and PSO levy Cost per kWh: € 0.20 is cost of 1 kWh on its...
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    State is now buying 20% of all new builds

    I don't think County Councils have had the capability of directly building homes for years, if not decades.
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    Tax on a YTD basis and fluctuating net pay

    The original poster was Sweet Pea who stated he is a permanent employee and, yes, if you have a number of taxable payments, then some of them might be on a Week1 basis
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    Tax on a YTD basis and fluctuating net pay

    Employees are taxed on Month1/Week1 basis because the employer does not have a tax cert from the Revenue or they are in a second job. It would be most unusual for a permanent employee to be taxed on a Month1 basis The easiest way to check this is to ask the Payroll or Personnel department
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    Tax on a YTD basis and fluctuating net pay

    Each month, the payroll system calculates how much tax, PRSI and USC you should have paid for the year to date ie since st Jan. It then deducts the total tax, PRSI and USC paid to date ie in your example in the 3 months to March to get the amount to deduct for April. If the amount changes each...
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    Tax treatment of Aryzta scrip dividend

    For Aryzta, that doesn't seem like the same transaction. The dividend scrip issue for 2017 was 1 new share for every 80 held whereas you got 1 for 4 so that must have been something else again
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    Tax treatment of Aryzta scrip dividend

    There was no dividend for year ending 31 July 2018 according to the Annual report but the 2017 dividend was paid as scrip dividends I am not sure that counts as a bonus issue There was a rights issue and some sort of Hybrid Dividend shares - I don't hold Arzyta so I'm not up to speed on their...
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    Tax treatment of Aryzta scrip dividend

    Are you sure? I thought that the scrip dividend is treated as income ?
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    Gift tax question

    I would imagine that the person responsable for the minor (parent, guardian) would be responsable for filing the CAT 38 The revenue website says It would not make a difference where the account was held
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    Is there an arguement FOR early retirement in DB scheme?

    The life expectancy for an irish male at 65, is 20 years ( Presumably, this means that half of all males age 65 will die before 85, and half will die after 85 The pension fund actuaries base their calculations on averages -...
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    Partnership accounts and allowable expenses

    I would think that you can probably do either - they will have to file income tax returns with details of their share of the income and expense so whether the do this via the business or through personal claims is probably makes no difference. I am assuming that the partnership is a partnership...