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    Hotel for rds concert

    I'm currently staying in a lovely airbnb in the Sandymount area. It's half the price of the hotels mentioned above, at least. Probably need to be stating at least 2 nts though.
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    Fair Deal............a worked example?

    I think you've found one here! ;).....meaning twofor1!
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    Eir - impossible to contact

    42 minutes on hold with Eire today. Answered at last, explained l was looking for my UAN to change supplier. Was told l was through to 'Roaming' and l needed another department, click more holding music and then cut off! 43.39 on the phone, 10s with a brusque agent and nothing. Online chat were...
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    House Renovation Quote

    Key point that! My mum had the garage re-roofed years ago. She replaced a flat felt roof with a tile apex roof but the angle of the roof was too shallow and leaked terribly when rain hit it at a certain angle. Worse than flat roof. Given the number of flat roof extensions constructed on Amazing...
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    Synch Google maps with Mondeo Sync3 system

    Yes to both questions.
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    Synch Google maps with Mondeo Sync3 system

    It's a Samsung GalaxyS4. I will try that tomorrow, thanks.
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    Synch Google maps with Mondeo Sync3 system

    Thanks mathepac for that very relevant link. @dub_nerd: I have the phone only synched. Dealer did it for me. When I follow the steps outlined in the video, I got the agreement and so on, but nothing after that. I think it is that my phone will not co-operate although it works for calls and...
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    Synch Google maps with Mondeo Sync3 system

    Does anyone know how l can get gmaps on my phone to synch with the car's system? It's a 191 Ford Mondeo. I was assured by the dealer it is possible. I have already synched the phone via Android Auto. I will be returning to the dealership at 10k km but would like to sort it sooner. Thanks in...
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    ARF v Annuity......Fair Deal implications

    I agree with you but an ARF is not a deposit account. It's a pension scheme which generates income. As you draw down income, it's taxed which a deposit withdrawal would not be.
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    ARF v Annuity......Fair Deal implications

    But that's how the private pension works. It earns interest/dividends and these are drawn as income, hopefully while preserving the capital. A pension schemes produces 'income'. Income is assessed at 80%. Question arises as to why anyone would draw down any income while in à nursing home!
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    ARF v Annuity......Fair Deal implications

    It is! The ARF is assessed as an asset at 7.5%, subject to the exemption limits(€36k pp), and any drawings are assessed as income, at 80%.
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    ARF v Annuity......Fair Deal implications

    Yes, a deposit account counts towards total assets. For an individual, any assets over €36k are assessed at 7.5% p.a. subject to the PPR limitation of years. Interest earned on the deposit is regarded as income and assessed at 80%.
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    ARF v Annuity......Fair Deal implications

    Right, l think the answer is the same. If a couple has €1m in a private pension to invest and they have 2 options, an ARF, which is an extension of the private pension, or purchase an annuity, how can the scheme work if they can avoid the FD financial assessment by choosing the latter? I think...
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    ARF v Annuity......Fair Deal implications

    Could you clarify your question a bit? An ARF will be assessed at 7.5% and 80% of any drawings too. Pension Annuity will also be assessed at 7.5% plus payout/dividend assessed at 80%. Does that address your query?
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    Avoiding CGT by becoming non-resident

    Hi ExpatPortugal. The Portuguese government operates a scheme whereby someone becoming a resident pays no income tax for 10 years. The Revenue grab some back over 3 years. Professional advice would be needed.
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    Electric shower advice

    Our experience of the Triton SR 90 is that the pressure is very poor. Our gravity fed and pump showers are much better.
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    Tipping executors

    I think it depends on whether they are also beneficiaries or not. If they are, l would say discharging their reasonable expenses and, perhaps, a nominal gift would be appropriate. If not a beneficiary, then l think a more substantial gratuity would be appropriate, e.g. €1,000 or so, as a token...
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    Increase after a claim on House Insurance policy

    We had a claim last year, building and contents, that was settled at c.€34k. I dreaded the renewal quote but it came in at about €50 increase or about 20-23%. I was quite relieved.
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    Credit union savings

    The credit union can allow you to reduce your savings as long as they don't fall below 25% of current loan balance, provided they have confidence in your ability to repay.
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    Charging electronic devices in USA

    Thank you all for your very useful replies.