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    KBC Extra Regular Saver threshold

    Standing order only
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    Ulster Bank Introducing Transactions Fees

    Did you see this, still doesn't say who they are only that they are independent and on the side of the consumer.
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    Trying to Close A Perm TSB Current Account!

    I saw somewhere they said that extended opening hours are for appointments only.
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    PTSB Increase Current Account Maintenance Fees for some

    When closing your ptsb a/c and it's only a week into that month I'm guessing it would be wise to make sure the 1.5k passes through or face a charge for that month, is this correct.
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    Basic Payment Account - What happens after a year?

    The rules of these accounts as stated on the cic site are Rules The first year is free of charge for everyday banking. After one year, the bank will review your account but you will not be charged maintenance or day-to-day transaction fees for the first five years, providing the total amount of...
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    Basic Payment Account - What happens after a year?

    I noticed this from the citizens info site the other day that the ebs money manager is listed as a basic bank account, so is only of use to people who don't pump more than 20k approx pa. through it, if true. Bit confusing. To open an account you need to visit your local bank branch. The...
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    KBC Extra Regular Saver threshold

    One lump sum of up to 10k permitted.
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    Anger as credit unions move to lower insurance death benefits

    Sad to see this, Credit union members have reacted angrily to moves by a number of the lenders to reduce a key insurance benefit, reduced from €3,250 to €1,950. In todays indo...
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    Basic Minimum A/c Access

    That ebs is their money manager a/c ...I was getting mixed up with their family a/c. That will do him fine thanks Ciaran T Was their a clause that if you made more than 4 withdrawals in a month then there is a charge, some think like that can you remember.
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    Basic Minimum A/c Access

    A friend of mine is being forced to close his ptsb current account because of the increased charges but a Basic Minimum A/c would be the perfect replacement. I enquired on his behalf with ptsb about closing his current account and opening one of their own Basic Minimum Accounts, but no joy...
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    PTSB Increase Current Account Maintenance Fees for some

    Friend of mine got it too, from 1.5k passing throughmonthly to 2.5k sitting there daily, no way, for that reason HE'S OUT :) Have a look at the post above yours for link to best free current account options.
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    Basic Payment Account - What happens after a year?

    They say it is fee free for the first year but don't say what happens after that, anyone know. Sorry guys just dug up the answer to the first question. There will be no maintenance or day-to-day transaction fees on your account for the first five years as long as the total amount of lodgements...
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    UB & Aldi Transaction Query

    I made a debit card purchase in Aldi on the 16th Dec last for €43.56 but there is still no sign of this showing in my ub current account. It is not even in pending and its the 4th of January now. Or could this be a problem for Aldi, if their terminal prints a receipt but for some reason its...
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    Age 66 not always a benefit when it comes to State Payments.

    If they satisfy a means test and meet the habitual residence rules then they should qualify for a non contributory state pension. Illness Benefit is...
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    UB 1st Direct Debit due Wednesday for Electric Ireland

    I've switched back to Electric Ireland and my 1st dd is due out on Wednesday but there is no "Active" dd listed, only a cancelled one from last year. I have signed all the forms for EI but nothing appears to be set up in my bank account. Will it all be setup before or come wednesday next...
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    Aldi visa debit card transaction Problem

    My balances are correct, I owe the money, best take it up with aldi I suppose, my bank would know nothing about the transaction.
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    Aldi visa debit card transaction Problem

    The first no show was about 10-14 days before the last one on the 8th. I only have chip n pin so should be little or no delay in showing up.
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    Aldi visa debit card transaction Problem

    I've noticed recently that sometimes a card transaction made in my local aldi is not appearing on my bank account. The amount is not showing at all and no money has been taken from my account. Normally an aldi card transaction will appear almost instantly on my account so I've been tracking...
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    My cu accepts Garda Indentification card as proof of i.d.

    I presume they mean the Garda Age card as I know of no other. My partner today received a letter from Waterford cu which we are both with stating that they accept the Garda age card as proof of i.d. when clearly this is the case.... Age Card The Intoxicating Liquor Act 1988 (Age Card)...
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    Joint current a/c for 69 yo

    With free banking. PTSB a 69 yo and a 55 yo. I rang them about this and after 'double checking' if the 69 yo could get the fee free status and surprisingly was told yes no problem. I can't for the life of me see how that could work all though l would be the only one operating it.