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    We have updated the software behind Askaboutmoney

    Hopefully you can bring back something more along the lines of the 'classic' look, I think it was more professional \ serious \ business oriented. Current layout could be for anything... ask about my Tv show.
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    New owners have redirected post before signing contracts!

    If it was just a single letter, or letters from a single source, then it's something that could be overlooked or put down to the sender. This is happening with letters from multiple sources, implying it is a deliberate decision of the buyers rather than in your scenario a processing issue by the...
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    New owners have redirected post before signing contracts!

    Back in the real world, the Panda I would have in mind is Panda waste management, or any other utility or service provider. The "new owners" are not the new owners and are being cheeky, presumptuous and pushy. The current owner is well within their legal rights and social acceptability to...
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    New owners have redirected post before signing contracts!

    99 times of out 100 there probably wouldn't be any harm, but if they for example, changed their driving licence address, and committed an offence, I doubt the OP would welcome a visit from the Gardai.
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    New owners have redirected post before signing contracts!

    The people are not living in the house, there hasn't even been a date set for handing over keys. What the world is actually like, i.e. reality, is that the new owners have no legal connection whatsoever to the house. Pettiness doesn't come into it. The post should not be going there, seems...
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    Is a lender entitled to charge a customer who asks for 20 years of statements?

    The OP isn't actually looking for every statements, that is coming from AIB. The customer is looking for the final summary on a loan account. Shouldn't this information be more readily available?
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    Is a lender entitled to charge a customer who asks for 20 years of statements?

    Surely that comment could be directed to AIB also? They are a business, this is information relating to a customer transaction they should have readily available. If they don't, it's not the OP's fault if AIB don't keep proper records.
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    Medical card patients claiming expenses

    Your parents could claim the cost as a MED1 expense next January, and receive 20% tax credit refund - but if their only income is state pension they are unlikely to have paid enough taxes for this to make sense. If you could pay for them and claim the receipts under your MED1, assuming you have...
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    What are my options to access the internet if I live in a remote area?

    Negative sympathy. I want a 5 bed detached house in Dublin. Not gonna get it. You want better broadband? Move. You chose to live in remote area. What do you expect? Or wait ten years for satellite broadband.
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    Clamped in my own parking space - rental car

    The management compay should have a process in place with the clamping company for this kind of scenario am sure you're not the first person who has had to get a replacement car at short notice due to crash \ mechanical etc.
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    GDPR Data request from customer

    Even pre GDPR surely such a request should have been refused.
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    300 minutes without a goal!

    Three and a half weeks to the final seems a long wait...
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    Pop Up Restaurant in own home.

    I expect that's a breach of planning as I assume the property is residential only. Take a copy of the ads \ reviews before they get taken down if you do complain.
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    Cheque in post from Revenue, nothing else.

    I'm not sure if Revenue are still posting out balancing statements, tax credit statements etc ... seems to direct everything online now to Revenue online site (except a cheque as you need physical copy).
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    Anyone having problems staying logged in to askaboutmoney?

    Yep whatever you did has fixed it for me on Firefox, I was having issues where I have to use the https bookmark.
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    VHI VHI - On Incorrect Policy

    I'd be very surprised VHI don't have records on an active customer going back 7 years. Sometimes insurance companies delete records, but for customers inactive > several years. I think you should consider formal complaint to appropriate regulator, you have nothing to lose.
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    How many of the relatives meeting at the roundabout had a full ncb though or the same car for 10 years? I think they arent bothered at looking close enough at the risk which points to lack of competition.
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    Entitled to tap water in McDonalds?

    Say what ... it's a law being considered at EU level: Seems a perfectly reasonable expectation for a paying customer, although I think the EU proposal for any randomer is an entitlement too far. Edit - fast food \...
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    Ulster Bank Credit card compromised.

    Could one of your devices be compromised?
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    Entitled to tap water in McDonalds?

    Hard to be sure, but I expect we have same provision as UK - must be provided if serving alcohol, which McDs do not: That could be changed by this...