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    Child Benefit Compliance

    And I'm sure GDPR would rare it's head in data transfers/comparisons like that
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    C02 of one beef dinner in comparison to a flight.

    I find the whole anti-farmer thing going on here right now to be beyond GUBU. The Green Schools initiative with meat-free Mondays and it supported by the Dept of Education o_O And it's only going to get louder and more frenzied in the years ahead
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    Women's mini marathon - male runners

    Yeah, you ever seen Crocodile Dundee II ;)
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    House Renovation Quote

    I had a 30sq m extension put on 2 years ago with a flat roof. No issues so far. It's a fiberglass type material that was 'blasted' into place. Roof is at a slight angle to allow water run-off.
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    Repossessions at their lowest level since 2010!

    He's consistent, I'll give him that :rolleyes: David Hall‏ @davidhall75
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    Tiger's back!

    We must be at peak price growth in Dublin showing a marked slowdown in 2018 v's 2017. And continuing on into the first few months of 2019. Sell sell sell :p
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    Over 8 years of non payment and no repossession

    Ronan wants to give his side of the story but there's not a lot to it by the look of things Sounds like they had...
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    european wide housing shortages

    It hasn't been with 'us' in Ireland before. Especially over the past 15 years. And remember under this 2040 plan, another 1m people on the Island, most of whom will inevitably end up in the greater Dublin area.
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    european wide housing shortages

    Population increase, plain and simple. Mass migration
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    Registrar Honohan has been removed from debt cases

    Ed's latest salvo Judges no longer able to view bank records ‘without suspicion’ Judges uncritically favouring banks ‘should resign’, High Court master Honohan says
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    Over 8 years of non payment and no repossession

    8 years mortgage/rent free folks. All you need is a brass neck and some good solicitors who are willing to play the long game on your behalf. Ireland....the best little country in the world in which to do business
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    300 minutes without a goal!

    Just the 4 goals in Paris tonight...Óle Óle Óle
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    Gutters & fascias

    Hi Thirsty did you get it done? Any recommendations? Or anyone else on here able to give a recommendation for Dublin area?
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    Is "Goldinsky" an Irish name?

    The Tonight Show is covering compo claims now. Stuart Gilhooly, a solicitor, has just said we don't have a claim culture...we have a negligence culture
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    Government to begin paying older people to downsize

    It was social housing so don't think a sale was involved
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    Government to begin paying older people to downsize

    I had missed that point earlier's stunning to actually think someone in a Govt Dept dreamt that up and brought it this far :eek:. Surely it cannot be part of any final proposals!
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    Government to begin paying older people to downsize

    Your new here Folsom but if you use the search function you'll see plenty of debates on the rents paid by those in social housing. They are negligible v's market rents even when the residents in the social house are working. And then there's the issue of LA rent arrears- that'll make your eyes...
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    Government to begin paying older people to downsize

    'It was the right thing to do' - former soldier gives up three-bedroom home to help young family 'I've downsized now and I'm very happy and happy to see they're happy'...