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    Tenants threw hundreds of butts in garden?

    It sounds like the tenants are being considerate by going out into the garden to smoke rather than letting the smell of smoke stink out the house. You should be thankful because it would be a lot worse if they were smoking indoors!
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    Emigrated & handed back the keys

    I think that he is implying that Ireland is now run by Germany so you might as well call it West Germany!
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    Spain, France, Italy - Best place to buy.

    Surely, if they are buying a holiday home, the thing they should consider first is a location where they would like to go on holiday regularly. If they buy a holiday home they would probably feel obliged to go there very often to make best use of it. Therefore it should be in a location that...
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    Entered property investment mke in 2005 - Healthy Debt ?

    Have you thought about suing the property investment consultant for giving you bad advice?
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    1st time Landlord mid '10 not registered with PRTB & not paying tax - consequences?

    You should notify insurance companies when you change address and not wait for your renewal to come up to do it. For example, if you told your car insurance company that your car is always parked outside your old address then their calculation of the premium will be based on this. If you have an...
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    Negative Equity on PPR, Need to move, Calculations as 1st time Landlord

    Tipping - I admire your sense of responsibility and your ethical conduct in your difficult situation. In recent times it is unusual to come across somebody who is not trying to blame somebody else for their predicament and then trying to find an easy way out.
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    Propose to rent 3 bedrooms as owner occupied share:- tax implications for landlord

    I don't think too many people would want to share bedrooms with strangers!
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    One wage in, not covering all monthly bills

    I cannot really understand why some people are annoyed at my advice. I was just being pragmatic...if you have to save money you have to look at all options. Pets would not be considered a necessity and in this case they are costing money which the OP cannot really afford. If you think that...
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    Got bridging loan of €400k from CU house 3/4 complete "Cabot Financial" are on to me.

    One thing that I really don't quiet follow is that you say that you can service a mortgage of €300,000, so why did you borrow €400,000? How were you expecting to repay the extra €100,000?
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    One wage in, not covering all monthly bills

    You seem to be spending a lot of money on animals. Do you really need to do this? It seems to me that if you get these animals put down you could save a lot of money.
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    What would you expected in a furnished rental property?

    Leave as little as possible and try to confine the items that you leave to large bulky items of furniture. The only electrical items that you should leave are a washing machine and fridge. I would never leave a TV or any small appliances because if they break down the tenant will expect you to...
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    I had tenants from hell! Can I claim losses and cleaners off landlords insurance?

    I am sorry to hear about your problems. I hope you are able to recover some of it from the insurance company. However, I would like to point out that you should never any electrical items, with the exception of a washing machine and a fridge, in a rented property. This is because if they are...
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    Do I pay CGT on Holiday Home

    You are being very optimistic if you expect a gain on a holiday home, especially in basket case property markets like Ireland, Spain or Bulgaria! Where do you plan on buying one?
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    What to do with 40 grand?

    You could have a good party with that and invite us all!
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    Do I have to notify bank I am renting my home if I move and get another mortgage?

    Check your mortgage terms and conditions. They are likely to say that you are obliged to tell the bank if the status of the property changes from owner occupied property to a rented out property. They will then change the mortgage to an investment mortgage. I have recently heard of a landlord...
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    Do I have to notify bank I am renting my home if I move and get another mortgage?

    If you are going to rent out your home and move to another property you will need to tell your the mortgage provider of the old property that you are going to rent it out. The bank will then ask you to change your mortgage to a BTL mortgage.
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    Landlord is keeping deposit *and* billing us €10k

    I am sorry to hear about your trouble. It sounds like your landlord is being totally unreasonable and trying to bully you into parting with cash for unjustifiable reasons. €5,000 for repainting the house is completely taking the p**s! €500 would probably be more appropriate and anyhow, it...
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    Stamp Duty on Budapest Property?

    You should have used your own independent solicitor. Whose side do you expect the solicitor chosen by the proerty agent and developer to be on? It certainly won't be yours!
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    Teacher with multiple properties living on the breadline

    It is certainly a valid way to loose money...which appears to be your ultimate goal!