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    Massive rent increase in 1 year

    Rents are dropping in many instances at the moment so I would recommend that you look elsewhere if you get the same treatment as the other flat. As other posters have alluded to there has been a huge increase in supply recently so I would advise that you have a look around
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    Negative Equity

    I presume the house you were looking to upgrade to has already come down considerably so it may not be all that bad, in fact you could be in a better situation than you think if it has fallen by more that 50k.
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    To sell or not to sell?

    Have you considered what would happen if one of your tenants informed the revenue that you weren't there full time. I am sure they would not look very favourably on you and you might get an even bigger bill than you expected. I would adivse coming clean with the revenue, I don't know how they...
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    Know anything about gh2o?

    Well the IMF said yesterday that UK could be heading for a fall so do you really want to take a chance at this moment of time? Have you looked into what sort of yield you may get out of renting a place here?
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    House Wanted ad on Irish Times?

    Why would you let any vendor know in advance how much you are willing to spend? Are you not handing the upper hand to the vendor by doing so? Though in todays market you never know you may get some desparate vendors who just want to offload their property. Good luck!
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    Signed Contract on New House but now price has dropped

    If you buy the same house today for less than what the OP agreed on how could there not have been money lost? If it goes down another 20k would you still think that no money has been lost?
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    anyone in Carlow/Kilkenny region be it town or rural trying to sell property?

    Last year everyone was waiting for the budget..... then it was until the election..... now various VI's are floating their latest brainwave....lets reduce SD.... If this happens and fails to rejuvenate the market what next, the total abolition of SD? That will take another year ...... Markets...
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    to buy or not to buy that is...

    Exactly. Its incredible the almost nonchalant attitude that some posters have to buying a house.
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    markets getting remortgage should we worry?

    He also said that after the ECB went to 3.5% they would be 'done & dusted' on the interest rate increases front.
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    Help needed re possible property market fall

    Re: Anyone got a crystal ball?? Of course you should haggle. In todays climate you should go with a low ball offer and see what the response is. If the situation is as you say then it is unlikely that you are going to have a huge amount of competition. All they can say is no!
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    Help with selling

    Therin lies the problem, as you say if an investor doesn't think there is a chance of capital appreciation returning then the yield from this asset would only be around 4% which is hardly enticing
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    sold land now developer not interested

    Have you contacted any of the other interested parties to see if they would be willing to do a deal now that the original purchaser doesn't look likely to develop. Even if the value of the plot has decreased by 10% it may be better to get the 90% of the old value than have an asset not bringing...
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    New York. New York

    Have you not been following the stories in the press related to the fallout from the US sub-prime shambles? It looks like that the problems could extend past that segement of the market which would mean that the housing problems could get a good deal worse before they get pick up again. Are you...
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    To sell or not?

    Are you seriously going to potentially jepordaise the sale by holding out for another 2k? I would bite their hand off given the market at the moment
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    Issues with cracks in floors of new homes-Drynam Hall (and others).

    Re: Drynam Hall, Kinsealy, Co. Dublin I would have had thought this would have been very difficult, I would imagine that the builders would resist this at all costs. If house prices fell in the meantime how would you be able to prove that it was all due to the specific issue or how much it...
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    Is it possible to sell a property portfolio?

    It would seem that you are in a hurry to offload them all in one go, if so you will probably need to price them competively or they could remain on the market for quite some time due to the fact that inventory is increasing all the time (according to daftwatch). Most of the main EA's have a...
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    to sell our rent property

    Don't you mean apart from the UK? Do you think they will stick around here if they lose their jobs?
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    Phoenix Park Racecourse

    Completely agree, thats why I was wondering were the developers throwing in some incredible inducements as at those prices I wouldn't have thought they would have got anyone to bite.
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    Phoenix Park Racecourse

    These prices seem quite high in todays market. A quick search on myhome has thrown up two examples of 2-beds in this location for 410k. Are the vendors throwing in any extras for this price because on first glance it would not seem that competitive.