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    €100 Nike shoes ripped on both shoes in the same place within 2 months. My rights ?

    Merely from looking at the picture, it appears (to me) that the shoes are about a half size to a full size too small for the feet for which they were intended. The toenail mark on each shoe looks to be too near the tip of the shoes even for comfort. Furthermore, the laces seem extended and the...
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    Fethiye, Turkey - recommendations for a good self-catering kid-friendly spot?

    We are former yearly visitors to Bodrum, Gumbet, Bitez and Kusadasi. Then that dreadful shooting took place in north Africa where several British holidaymakers were shot dead by some extremist. I don't trust such countries since and Turkey is one of those.
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    Does mortgage provider contact employer?

    Having worked in CS/PS departments, I can categorically say there are occasions on which the mortgage provider contacts the employer of the wannabe mortgagee.
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    Can I appeal a fine for speed and dangerous driving without a photographic evidence - Ireland

    You know what? Pay the fine. I think every vehicle driver in Cork is a law unto himself/herself. In Cork, about 5% use the indicators on roundabouts and on turning. Cork's bus lanes are full of cars 8.00am to 9.30am and 4.30pm to 6.30pm. I think I'm the only person in Cork who stays out of...
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    Minister Murphy actively pushing landlords out of the market in the face of the latest Daft report

    I believe there is something dreadfully wrong with a country that has rent prices higher than a mortgage repayments. Newspaper headlines over the past few days reflect this. Certainly, in the current climate I wouldn't buy a house to rent it out in Ireland. Nearly everything is stacked against...
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    Cold feet re_moving house

    Hi Galwayblowin. You appear to be comfortable and were lucky enough to buy property when it was not so costly. You'll probably never get that chance again. You now have options that are not available to most. I reckon you can buy property in Limerick and live there if you wish. Keep your old...
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    How can we promote even better behaviour on Askaboutmoney?

    I presume that most people who post on this forum are responsible adults and are mature enough to accept criticism. Just suck it in and respect that others have opinions too. Nobody is always right - nobody is always wrong. I use this forum mainly to have an interest in news and to be a little...
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    Marriage equality referendum - "rights" to kids etc.

    Hi Sol. Welcome back to the site. Like Purple said things haven't changed much especially in the older generation. However the oldies do not matter as they are an expiring entity. I'm an oldie too, but never had anti gay feelings. Our "oldies" were brought up when homosexual was the worst...
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    Electricity to Garden Shed

    Hi SparkRite. We have to agree to differ. I remain unconvinced. An electrician I knew is dead simply because he wired from the fuse board and the uncaring attitude of the customer. OK! He should not have connected to the fuse board, but he did. He was wrong to assume he was safe. The...
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    Electricity to Garden Shed

    I should have mentioned that I worked as an electrician's mate when I returned from the UK all those years ago. The guy I worked for was excellent, thorough, knew what he was doing and most important took no chances whatsoever. He always said that you had only to be unlucky once to cause a fatal...
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    Electricity to Garden Shed

    Good question Zenith63. However, it is a safety procedure to ensure that the electrician and/or his mate does not get electrocuted and remains in control of the work. An electrician worth his/her salt would never trust anybody to leave the on/off master switch at the fuse board unengaged. If...
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    New Bathroom Advice

    My tuppenceworth (might not even be relevant):- 1. Buy white toilet, white cistern, white wash-hand basin, white shower tray, white shower door. White doesn't go out of fashion. Ask anybody who put in pink or blue toilet, bath, sink etc back in the 1970's. 2. Stay away from tiles (unless they...
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    Electricity to Garden Shed

    The first rule of electricity is to run the cable from the new socket back to the fuse board. Not the other way round. You will use an extra metre or two of cable doing this. Don't even think of running the cable from the fuse board to the new socket.
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    Electricity to Garden Shed

    I think the overriding message on this thread is:- If you know nothing about the dangers of electricity and fuse-boards and wires and ducting, leave the job to a qualified electrician.
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    Eir - impossible to contact

    Eir is a telecommunications company. It is not too much to expect to be able to contact them by telephone. My bad experience with them is still ongoing despite several promises having waited over 2 hours to speak to somebody on several occasions some months ago . A Little Bit of Insight:-...
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    Electricity to Garden Shed

    You can buy good battery operated lights which you can switch on and off as you please. No need to rewire or attack the fuse board. However, if you need electric sockets you will need to run a cable. But, with cordless tools you most likely don't need sockets. Save yourself a few bob and buy the...
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    Where to go for a retreat?

    I don't wish to sound unhelpful, but your friend can go on a truck full of retreats and on completion every problem is still there. Everybody has problems, but some have more problems than others. Solving multiple problems is like painting a whole house. Clear out one room at a time and paint it...
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    Advice for First time landlord

    Renting out a property in Ireland is not for the feint-hearted. You need to start somewhere, so talk to a reliable real estate agent asap.
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    Expired Passport

    When you visit the Passport Office bring printed details of the flights booked. Be as nice as you can be. I reckon it'll be a photo finish, but you'll get there.
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    Becoming a tax resident in another EU country

    I think Gipimann has answered the Social Security part of your query. If you are to gain a Residency in France and will be there for more than 182 days per year, you will be liable for income tax. The Irish Revenue Commissioners will have to be advised too. You could do worse than employ a...