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    Saddled with Joint Mortgage in Negative Equit

    Selenek, if you didn't still have feelings for your ex you would know exactly what to do. What she is doing (or not doing) is demonstrating how she feels for you. Until you grasp that nettle, you won't be able to cross any bridges.
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    Repainting/Prepping exterior plastic pipes

    Anyone have any tips/suggestions for repainting/prepping exterior plastic Wavin type pipes. The ones at the side of our house were painted white and need repainting. Apart from elbow grease and some sand paper, is there any other prep work or bonding needed for the job? Thanks.
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    Wedding present ideas for my wife to be!!!

    Posting under hubbies login here! - I bought him a reprint of the front page of the Irish Independent from the date he proposed - had it framed - in total I think it was about 60 euro - not expensive but thoughtful all the same!
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    Lucan V Tallaght

    I'd go for Lucan
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    Lucan Dublin or whereabouts?

    Don't know about esker, but McCreavy (something like that) built FForester. Houses very well laid out and soundly built cira 99.
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    Auctioneer ignoring our offer?

    Sounds like the EA is holding the house for an investor mate.
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    No kids allowed to play on common area,is this normal?

    It the law/rule would probably be discriminatory based on age.
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    No kids allowed to play on common area,is this normal?

    I'd ignore the complaints to be honest. I mean, com 'on!
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    Should we sell?

    don't be greedy. Sell it. Apply your hindsight vision at a later stage.
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    Hollystown Dublin 15

    Re: hollystown think harder, or familiarise yourself with the area, or Google it
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    Dubai-Has anybody made a sale

    Whoooa, you said savvy!
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    No notification of tracker rate reduction from UB

    You will be notified if the rate is going up in advance, so that you can make arrangements to have sufficient funds in the account. It is not really necessary if the rate (mortgage amount) goes down
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    Can anyone recommend a mortgage broker?

    I anyone can get someone a mortgage a guy called James Galvin can
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    Looking for a way out

    admitting your problem is your first sucessfull step. Well done.
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    Tracker mortgage?

    I'd like to see the introduction of a new tracker product that tracks the banks' economists rate predictions. Let 'em walk the walk!
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    Property tax to replace stamp duty?

    A tax based on any non PPR would be welcomed.
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    EA has decided they will no longer be selling our house

    good point. that would make a lot of sense
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    EA has decided they will no longer be selling our house

    Perhaps, at the asking price, they think it is unsellable. If an EA can't sell they can't get commission.