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    Capitalism + Democracy = Myth

    At the risk of boring everyone I can only repeat: Ditto Obama and US voters.
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    Shopping trip to Newry - 2008 advice?

    Exactly. The so-called "ripoff" retailers are not to blame for this mess. The government and the property vested interests hold much of the responsibility.
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    Shopping trip to Newry - 2008 advice?

    If you look at this issue closely, I think you will find that retailers' margins are lower here than in other countries. Overhead costs such as wages, rent, insurance and professional and regulatory fees are far too high in this country. If you don't believe me, count the numbers of stores that...
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    Capitalism + Democracy = Myth

    I don't understand then why you cited the UK as a country which had "voted in socialist governments in the past ten years or so" :confused:
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    €6.90 Pint in Temple Bar

    So the Irish drink a multiple of what the Germans, English, Scots, Czechs, Poles & others drink? Pull the other one.
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    Bonkers flight times on SNN->LHR

    The spirit of "Yes, Minister" still survives in Aer Lingus. :rolleyes:
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    €6.90 Pint in Temple Bar

    Except that it took her several minutes to decide what to do. Yes, 2 or 3 customers.
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    Is there any possibility that sterling will improve?

    Re: Probably an unaswerable quiestion but... Please make the heading of your question relevant
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    €6.90 Pint in Temple Bar

    I asked her to call her manager but she refused. :(
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    Advice on Accountant

    ...and, it must be said, the very inflexible approach taken by the CRO in dealing with cases that are marginally late. In contrast, the Revenue are generally much more flexible and understanding in giving their customers the benefit of the doubt in such cases.
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    €6.90 Pint in Temple Bar

    Marks & Spencers in Naas tried something similar with me last summer, when I tried to buy an apple. I ended up getting the apple for 6c :)
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    Advice on Accountant

    Indeed. There is another aspect to this, which I presume motivates some accountants to throw ethics & caution out the window and submit returns to CRO with forged signatures. It relates to the client's loss of audit exemption, which in many cases causes far more headaches for the...
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    Should FAS management be pursued personally?

    Apart altogether from the intricacies of liquidator powers in the winding up of a company, (which isn't really relevant to Fás, as it isn't being wound up) it is worth noting that in the day-to-day running of a company, the directors have an additional duty of care to protect the interests of...
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    Anglo loans - has Shane Ross ever criticized Irish Nationwide?

    It is clear that Michael Fingleton has significant (if presumably informal) influence over, and connections with, the senior editorial management of the Sunday Independent.
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    Buying a ring in Antwerp with cash

    Fwiw, do engagement rings still cost €6k? How long will those prices last? According to the FT yesterday, many luxury goods shops in London are discounting heavily but are reluctant to publicise their discounts - which means presumably that some suckers are still paying full retail prices...
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    Franchise : Redundant last week. I am thinking of going with "Fastway Couriers."

    I don't know anything specific about Fastway, but every business is affected by the recession in some way or other. If there are less goods being manufactured and sold (the essence of a recession) there is less demand for courier & delivery services. Take extreme care before committing yourself.
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    Are we obliged to pay ridiculous bill from solicitor when no price agreed initially

    Re: Are we obliged to pay ridiculous bill from solicitor when no price agreed initial 1.25k including VAT, ie €1k net.
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    U2 tribute band - scandalous ticket price

    Lou Reed's "Don't believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear" springs to mind - especially what you see and hear on RTE :(
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    Seán Fitzpatrick steps down as Chairman of Anglo

    Hmmm.... By coincidence the Indo reported this yesterday