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    Anyone having problems restructuring their Ulster Bank mortgage?

    When I became a customer of UB in 1978, the customer service was fantastic at Branch level. There was never any need to go further. If the local manager turned you down, then you were rightfully turned down. Sadly, over the past 40 years, they moved from Bankers to Sellers of Money and there...
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    Insurance company rejected piab offer

    Hi Pendix, the Insurer might or might not make an offer. There might be a liability issue and they might have consented to IB assessing in error. Your brother's solicitor is best placed to advise.
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    Compensation cheque promised but not sent

    In Ireland, insurer must issue cheque within 10 days of the settlement being agreed. You too have 10 days in which to consider the adequacy of the offer. If you are waiting a month,m I'd suggest you write to your solicitor asking for the identity of the insurer and their reference number...
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    Fair deal enquiry after death of relative

    You can do yourself. Presumably there will also be a schedule for Revenue. Both should be the same.
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    Non-EU student for short-term project

    Just wondering why you require a non eu student, when there must be lots of Irish and EU ones, unless it is a very specific speciality project.
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    Revenue debt

    You are unfortunate in that you seem to have a couple of what you call errors, but which Revenue might call fraud(??) You could certainly have a full audit so as others have suggested, the Voluntary Disclosure is the only way to go.
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    BofI top-up mortgage: full investigation of title necessary

    Logic of having title investigated is to ensure that it is clear. There could be charges on it since 2017.
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    How safe are shares held in Stockbrokers' nominee accounts?

    Should it not be similar to a solicitor going bust. No one would agree to a liquidator finding deeds in the safe and then selling them to pay fees????
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    How to sell C&C shares

    If you have a certificate, your selling broker will need to be in possession of it before he sells.
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    Cheque or electronic transfer to Solicitor C/A for compensation

    Although technically not the correct etiquette I would ring the insurer directly and ask to know precisely what sum was transferred to my solicitor. Insurer will NOT discuss anything with you, if you have a solicitor involved. They will only discuss with solicitor.
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    Insurance for vacant house

    Tis important to read your Policy as Leo states. Some insurers only allow a total of as little as 90 days vacancy in any one period of insurance, whereas others might allow up to 60 days continuous vacancy.
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    Cheque or electronic transfer to Solicitor C/A for compensation

    Some insurers are now paying via EFT whilst others still do the cheque. I don't think you can insist on one or the other. I presume you changed solicitor after the last experience???
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    Replacement for Campbell O’Connor

    Perhaps you could consider moving the GBP to an account in Ulster NI?? Then use a GB based stockbroker. You can find some with low commissions, but you will find it difficult to find someone to deal with in certificated form. They all tend to use nominee a/c.
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    Another One Bites The Dust: Campbell O'Connor & Co.

    Why not liquidate all but ask for the one in play to be transferred to you in certificate form?
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    Insurance company claim declined

    Your Policy booklet gives the details of what is covered and what is not.
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    Interactive brokers vs degiro vs irish stockbroker

    has the judgement in the W&R Morrogh case been overturned? This was a Cork based stockbroker that went bust but the liquidator was able to claim the nominee account as an asset to pay his fees!!
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    Leaving RAS at end of contract

    Eddie, if you are not looking to increase rent and have had happy tenant for 11 years, why change?
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    Rear ended liability admitted by other party now refusing it.

    You have a solicitor. Why not talk to him/her?
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    Insurance for unoccupied house

    Vacant houses are expensive to insure. If owner (mother) is in nursing home, could house be let? That way, an income would be coming in and insurance would be lower.