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    Suggested changes to the new layout

    Can we bring the post count back for each user?
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    We have updated the software behind Askaboutmoney

    Well its certainly...colourful... Yes colourful is a word.
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    Fibre Broadband connection

    Beware the lure of the eir sports pack!! Their agreement with BT expires on 31 July and there is no guarantee of anything beyond that date. Given that BT and Sky have agreed for Sky to carry BT's sports channels in the future, it is quite possible that the 'free' sports channels to eir broadband...
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    Bringing a car back from the UK to sell

    The other thing to bear in mind that there is a kind of price glass ceiling for second-hand cars, above which it gets increasingly difficult to sell a car. There are not that many people willing to chuck €20K+ in cash to some randomer with no warranty or guarantee.
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    An Post - Do they do Deposit Accounts anymore?

    Wow!! Haven't heard of Cyril the Squirrel in a loooong time!! Whomever came up with the name earned their corn that day!!
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    Ulster Bank Introducing Transactions Fees

    From the splendid Money Guide Ireland site: (Incidentally, does anyone know who operates this site? A lot of work goes into it, it is a fantastic resource but seems relatively unsung in terms of its profile).
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    Mounting TV Air Tight

    There is an expandable foam that comes in an aerosol which could be what you are looking for. A friend did it for me a while back. Drill the holes and then spray the foam into the hole and it will expand in the gap behind. Let it harden slightly for 20 minutes or so and then put up the TV in the...
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    Synch Google maps with Mondeo Sync3 system

    What phone are you using? You could try turning your phone off and then on. Disable Bluetooth (on both the car and phone) and re-enable and try and connect. Another alternative would be to factory reset the multimedia system and start again. The only thing you lose is the radio presets and the...
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    Ulster ECB Interest Rates

    Below are the ECB rates since November 2001 which I kept in a spreadsheet when I had a mortgage with UB. Just add your ECB+ rate to get the total mortgage rate. Date Rate % 09/11/2001 3.25 06/12/2002 2.75 07/03/2003 2.50 06/06/2003 2.00 06/12/2005 2.25 08/03/2006 2.50 15/06/2006 2.75 09/08/2006...
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    Laya Is the a cheaper policy than Control 300 Create that refunds everyday medical expenses withou

    We have been on Laya's Control 300 Create and the premium has increased, albeit fairly incrementally, over the past couple of years. From my own comparative analysis, the only difference between Control 300, 450 and 600 Create policies is the in-patient excess where the excess clue is in the...
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    New RTE programme "How to be Good with Money"

    Naturally the user with the public service chip on their shoulder had to arrive at some stage. I thought the purpose of the thread was to talk about a TV programme and people who are not that good with money... public or private sector, who gives a toss??...
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    Brown Thomas very slow to deal with complaint.

    Sorry but Facebook is rightly now seen as a dead duck and not to be taken seriously. It's value as a communication medium has been seriously devalued by cranks and those that seek to embarrass companies into a reaction, generally through hysteria and hyperbole. If Brown Thomas only use Facebook...
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    New RTE programme "How to be Good with Money"

    While there was some juicy editing to keep the whole thing zipping along, a couple of things struck me: firstly, it was the first time that they had ever gone grocery shopping using a shopping list!! Secondly, the presenter drove two different BMW's during the programme which could suggest that...
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    Budgeting software

    Excel or similar spreadsheet software is all you need. Create monthly tabs and itemise your income for the month. Then itemise your monthly fixed costs e.g. mortgage payments, monthly subscriptions etc. Then list your variable monthly costs e.g. gas, electricity, phone etc. What you are left...
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    Redeeming my mortgage?

    In fairness though, isn't this more an issue for you than them?
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    Redeeming my mortgage?

    The idea of getting a lower redemption amount to get rid of customers is a myth. Ask yourself: why would a bank take less money from a customer who they know has a track record of properly servicing their loan? Otherwise there are loads of threads on AAM on the pros and cons of redeeming early.
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    Payrise: Extra 10k

    Yes go and spend it. Spend it all. Then when your company realises its error and takes the money back, make sure to come back on here and ask what your 'rights' are. Seems to be the modern way now. Or maybe perhaps cop on to yourself and do the right thing? Of course that seems to be the not...
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    Best Buy Broadband best buys

    If you stream or download a lot, make sure you check out the data Fair Usage Policies of each company/plan. In many cases unlimited does not mean unlimited!!
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    Changing Broadband & Phone Provider from eir

    Don't believe anything a person from eir tells you until you ring a second time and ask a different representative the same question and you get the same answer. There is not one other Irish company of its size or stature with a worse reputation for customer service at present. It is a terrible...
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    Parental software for home router

    Apple now have screen time controls on children's devices which are effective. Access by time and by individual apps is possible and controllable.