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    Canon 450d

    I have this camera and at €514 it's a absolute bargain. Way less than I paid only 3 months ago. Think most review sites give it very high marks for image quality. This is definitely what I have found so far, a real improvement compared to my older superzoom camera, particularly when shooting in...
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    Birthday Party Venue in/near Bray

    Barracuda has a function area for about that number. We had my mother-in-laws 60th birthday there back in November and it worked out great.
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    Advice on a cannon camera

    I checked out the difference between the the 40D and 400D some time back and the main difference turned out to the sensor size and the number of shots it can take per second. The 40D was the the time substantially more expensive. If you are looking for an entry level SLR the 450D is probably...
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    Which MPV - C4 Picasso or S-Max

    Who cares what everyone says if your own experience shows otherwise. Anyhow best of luck with your purchase - hope it goes well for you.
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    Smurfit MBA - midweek option or weekend option.

    I did the MSc Tech Mgmt in Smurfit which was the same as your Fri/Sat option. It worked out as 6 hrs of lectures on a Friday and 4 hrs on a Saturday morning. Mentally I was toast getting home on a Friday night and just very tired on a Saturday. Which ever option you chose it's tough, and the one...
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    Which MPV - C4 Picasso or S-Max

    We have an S-MAX and it's a great car - drives like a hot hatch which is pretty remarkable for something so big. My own car is a Focus and my wife refuses to drive it as she likes the S-MAX that much. The C4 is a very nice design- unfortunately most reviews I've read said it drives pretty...
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    New Ford Mondeo

    Concur with that - I have the 1.8TDCI in an S-MAX and it most certainly is not underpowered. Loads of power and fantastic fuel economy.
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    Baby Travel system for Ford Ka

    Try a Quinny Zap - they fold up to nearly nothing. Perfect for small cars.
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    what type of camcorder to buy

    KerryG, It depends what you'd like to do with the camcorder. I would just buy the camcorder by itself,a bag for it and tapes. You could of course get the tapes in any Dixons/Currys etc. The spare battery is only useful if the person using the camcorder is doing lots of filming - in my...
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    Ford S-Max 1.8TDi Zetec: Comments

    Might be wrong here, but I think there are different tread patterns for the left and right side of the car. If you propose keeping a spare at home you're going to need 2.
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    what type of camcorder to buy

    Coleen, You won't go too far wrong with the following: Price: €226 BTW I paid over €600 for something similar 4 years ago - the prices on MiniDv camcorders have really dropped.
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    what type of camcorder to buy

    Think long and hard about this one. Firstly the images captured on a camcorder should survive regardless of whether the hardware that captured them is still in existance. Imagine if you lost your kids first few years all because a Hard Drive broke - as all hard drives eventually do. To this end...
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    Duplicate key?

    Re: Duplicate key?? Used alpha locks recently - €80 for a replacement key for a Focus. Way cheaper than going to a dealer.
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    Fuji Fine Pix 5700 Digital Camera- Any thoughts on this ?

    I have a bridge camera similar to the S5700 and I paid a lot more than €180 for it at the start of the year (€400!). Looking at this thread I was wondering how my camera could be so much more expensive for what on the face of it looks like a very similar spec. It turns out the one feature that...
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    Ford keys cutting service

    Just an update on price - Alpha locks quoted €80 to get this job done on a 99 Focus key. This is for a non radio controlled version. Forgot to ask what the price would be for a radio controlled version.
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    Moving broadband connection from one room to another

    Unless your PC is very old I would imagine wireless is the way to go. It should cost no more than €100 for a wireless router and a wireless usb card. These can be picked up in Argos or PC world. Just make sure you configure the wireless network to use WPA security. With this enabled your home...
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    Pre-sales inspection

    Thanks for the replies. It's a 99 1.6 Focus in Dublin. Just passed its NCT and it's covered by a 6 month parts and labour warranty. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm worrying about something that's not really a problem and I can get away without an extra inspection. Mind you, who knows I might be...
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    Pre-sales inspection

    I did test drive the car - I'm not a complete eegit! Just want to be 100% sure. I gave it a good check myself but I'm no mechanic and would not be able to pick up on subtle faults or internal engine issues such as a timing belt.
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    Pre-sales inspection

    Can anyone out there recommend a mechanic for a pre-sales car inspection. I have checked the AA and they are all booked up for the next week. The garage I am buying from do not want me to take the car off the forecourt - so a mechanic who will travel is what I am looking for. The car is in the...
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    Car sounding like a motorbike

    Sounds like the exhaust is cracked.