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    Buying a house, solicitor raises his fee

    What vanilla said re. they are still entitled to payment is correct. However, did they update you on costs as you proceeded? That said, I'm really wasting your time because of this => Self regulation means no regulation. Even if that changes, they are already lobbying that the independent...
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    Satellite dish installer plus all the go withs.

    You can also update manually. Input the EXACT channel name here => From the results, you take heed of the data for 28.2* East - the other satellites are not relevant. Using that data, you can update your channel list. That assumes you are using the raw...
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    Why is the F.S.O. appealing the Millar case ?

    Brut force (by way of financial muscle) is being used to drive citizens attempts at accessing justice into the ground. There was another decision recently (ref. offset mortgages) which was taken by people to the FSOB. The decision was a fudge - and it appears that many of the complainants were...
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    Insurance company want to send me correspondence via email can I refuse?

    I don't know the answer to your question. However, I think it's interesting to see how some of the utilities co's are dealing with it. They give you a discount for going paperless. Therefore, they are not refusing to post stuff out. However, the customer is nonetheless being disadvantaged if...
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    Renewing insurance

    I didn't have time last year (whereas other years, I'd always rang round) - so I just checked last years premium and knocked off 10% - rang them up -and said I had a price of X from another co - rather than move away, can they match it? They didn't match it but I ended up with a premium...
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    Buying a house, solicitor raises his fee

    Hi. Under the Solicitors Act, the sol. is obliged to provide you with a section 68 letter setting out either actual charges or an estimate of charges and/or setting out the manner in which charges/fees will be applied. Have they complied with this?
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    Current Account vs Online Instant access Account

    Use a UB's special interest deposit account for this purpose - transferring cash in and out of current account to suit. With both being online accounts, it's easy to adjust this as needed on the fly...
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    General Waiting periods and change in cover

    Don't mean to take this off topic but this is another aspect that could be simplified if the number of plans was limited to a handful.
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    Danske app and on-line banking finished was gone...and is still gone from the drop down list...but now appears immediately on-screen via that link.
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    House share or Airbnb? Pros & cons

    I think you should reconsider that option asap. This is something you should do. Remember, you are talking about someone who will share the house with you. The definition of a 'good' tenant in this scenario is someone who you can get along with. The only one who is positioned to get an idea...
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    Is it possible to get Ryanair Priority boarding without paying extra?

    Don't you have to pay €2 extra? LINK Either way, it was priority boarding I was referring to..
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    House share or Airbnb? Pros & cons

    Plenty will tell you that you are only likely to disadvantage yourself by having any sort of written agreement. Any rules are better communicated as part of a conversation from the outset. As occupier, you have as much rights as you need without any written agreement. Ultimately, if there's...
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    Is it possible to get Ryanair Priority boarding without paying extra?

    I was referring to priority boarding - not reserved seating (although I understand that the premium seats -the €10 seats as opposed to the €5 seats - come with priority boarding). I understand completely the need to reserve seats where there are kids involved. Usually a solo traveller so...
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    Is it possible to get Ryanair Priority boarding without paying extra?

    Never understood the 'priority boarding' thing myself - let alone pay for it. Always last on the plane - I find it much more convenient that way. Whats the point being first on, watching everyone pfaffing about for 10-15 minutes?
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    VHI VHI HealthPlus Access

    The only issue there is that Aviva are the only ones that pay brokers commission (as confirmed by BB on another thread).
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    Danske app and on-line banking finished

    Perhaps they're avid AAM visitors - as they have now closed down your work around ;-)
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    Motor Liberty Car Insurance - Premium increase.

    I'd imagine it's very very rare to have a renewal that's competitive. Insurance companies prey on customer inertia.
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    Laya Are the Laya price cuts genuine?

    I guess you could - but even with that, they will continue to run rings around us. They can up the rate that they introduce new plans and retire old plans - and up the number of plans they have on the market at any one time. From what I recall, vhi are the record holders - I can't remember...
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    "Central Bank urged to row back on proposed mortgage rules "

    I don't think there is any expectation that prices will fall in Dublin - on the basis of one single measure. You would hope that this is seen as one measure that can be implemented contributing towards an overall policy relevant to the property market, housing and the aspect of banking relevant...
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    "Central Bank urged to row back on proposed mortgage rules "

    Exactly. This measure has absolutely nothing to do with the (Dublin) supply issue. That has to be solved by separate measures (and most likely with no quick fix). Taking that out of the equation (and whatever rent levels its currently leading to in Dublin), this measure is a sound and...