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    Protecting deferred inheritance

    Is it an executor or executors you say has not followed through with their function? What is it they haven't done? I would have imagined that the solicitor has all the legal papers, etc, belonging to the house as well as the will, so the house won't be sold under his/her watch.
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    Ridiculous delay on obtaining probate due to solicitor - options

    It might buck them up alright, but you could end up paying for it unless you've a fee negotiated with the solicitor
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    Is a lender entitled to charge a customer who asks for 20 years of statements?

    It could equally be said that it's not AIB's fault the OP doesn't keep proper records. However, that's just going round in circles and at the end of the day, a person should never be reliant on someone else for the running of their own business.
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    State Savings - 40/50k for 10yrs

    Is it the country as a whole you expect to last for another 10 years or the low interest rates:)
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    Do banks/credit unions return deposit interest received to revenue.

    Are pensioners exempt from the deposit interest penalty/tax?
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    Recent experience with probate grant (Dublin)

    4 weeks to take out probate? Is that what's being said here? Searches alone would take a lot more, never mind everything else.
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    Recent experience with probate grant (Dublin)

    Wow, that's fast. In the mid-west of this wonderful country one would be talking about 6 to 12 months.
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    What Solicitor Should Charge For Uncomplicated Probate

    You should ask the solicitor what he will charge you to take out probate. If you're not happy with the cost, just go to another solicitor and do likewise. I did on two occasions.
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    My experience with installing SEAI grant aided solar PV

    Laughahalla, That's a great article, easy to understand and follow. Well done and the follow up pieces too.
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    Brothers quarrel over fraudulent claim to boost their joint income

    Going to an accountant might be an idea but trying to get the taxpayer to bail you guys out isn't a very smart strategy, especially if it means dodgy dealings, etc, in order for ye to have a better lifestyle at my expense.
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    Pop Up Restaurant in own home.

    If you've got a Donegal accent you'd never know who might decide to join you in the venture. Apart from that, I'm pretty certain that if you live in the real world you know the answer to your question already and, if you don't? Then I worry about you:(
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    Potato blight or overwatering?

    Dig up one, it'l be squashy and the smell will soon tell you. To me it certainly doesn't look like blight from the photo
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    "The next bust is on its way but nobody is shouting stop"

    Every now and then we hear this comment, it's an absolute load of codswallop. I'd love to hear the facts of why this might be so, in fact any iota of it being a cause of carnage?
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    "The next bust is on its way but nobody is shouting stop"

    In fairness the piece of journalism is very simply looking back at what went wrong before the Celtic Tiger bolted, pick out the obvious headline markers and all that, but there's as much good going on in Ireland as there is wrong. Coleman makes headlines by doing a David McWilliams on it, ie, it...
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    Moving back in to former home where ex still lives....

    Something smells wrong in this.
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    Low Pitch Extension Roof leaking - Advice/Repairer Wanted

    Roadstone do a slate like tile for low pitch roofs, comes in a few different colours, they interlock along with a tile nail. I cannot remember the tile name but call into any Roadstone store/office and you'll get very expert and free advice. Palerider has given good advice above but if you want...
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    Moving back in to former home where ex still lives....

    "The locks may have been changed" That statement alone sends out signals and that's apart from the legalities of it all, which would no doubt have been sorted if they're divorced.
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    Where to go for a retreat?

    Apart from what I can find on Google I don't know much about the retreats. I too would be very interested in this and hope you get someone with experience of being on one or more of them to respond. I've done the Lough Derg pilgrimage on a one day and a three day duration but it's not really...
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    4 years to investigate a complaint against a nurse

    If I were you Leper I wouldn't be so dismissive of others opinions and as for your last "Next question please" might I say, We bow to you Oh Great Caesar:)
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    Can Seller take solid fuel stoves after including them in desc

    Are you buying or selling, have sold or bought?