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    Property declaration in Spain

    I think the question should be asked to the Spanish authorities.
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    Cert of Compliance with Building Regulations

    You can't retrospectively get a Certificate of Compliance with the regulations. The best you'll be able to get is a Certificate which gives an opinion on Compliance with the regulations. Basically cert written up after visual inspection done by qualified engineer/architect. Just found this...
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    Sell house in negative equity and cut my losses?

    I don't understand your figures. 750 + (2 * 300) = 1350. That's 500 short of the monthly repayment, before event taking tax into account ?
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    Don't want Affordable House anymore.

    AFAIK, you are not allowed to rent out an AH. If you sell within 20years of purchase, clawback applies.
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    Never Received Motor Tax Renewal Notification

    I am sure in practice there is a grace period of few weeks to cater for delays in receiving the new disk.
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    family dispute - advice needed about text messages sent.

    All seems very childish to me. Could not agree more with Bronte.
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    Tenant breaking lease and unpaid TV licence

    Playing devil's advocate here...OP, think about the following case: Tenant stops paying rent and move out a month later without given your any details of their whereabout. You would probably be even more out of pocket than you may be in your current case. And if you go to PRTB, it would probably...
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    UPC Terms and Conditions change

    they also increase their pricing...
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    Leaving Ireland

    there is a loan of €14k but also a mortgage though OP did not specify amount left and equity. Bank will probably repossess house if no repayments are made.
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    Robert Shiller Destroys The Idea Of Investing In A Home

    The value of classic cars has dramatically increased in the last 7-10years, simply because people invest in them. A 246GT has seen its price jump approx 200k during that period. And AFAIK there is no CGT to be paid .
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    Child benefit when working abroad

    Depends on habitual residence. Would that link help?
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    Health Insurance Comparison

    it's close to useless as it simply throws tons of data as you that is difficult to read....but it reflects the difficulty that exists when trying to compare plans. Is there really a need for an insurance company to offer so many different plans, which when scrutinised offer very similar cover...
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    42 years to pay off 1 credit card !

    As must as i respects your posts, i can't agree with this one... It seems to easy to spend money and let the others pick up the tab. What if the rest of the country do the same? I disagree with debt write off/down as much as i disagree with the ridiculously high rate applied to cc balances...
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    rent a room declaration

    in theory, yes... but there is no tax to be paid if your total rental income from rent-a-room scheme is below €10k a year, so makes no difference whether your submit or not. For your own peace of mine, you may as well fill up your return on R.O.S as it just takes few minutes.
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    Attic Conversion - Insulating between and over rafters

    This book contains valuable information for your project, if you have not got it already.
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    Best account to hold tax money in

    i don't understand that. Can you please explain?
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    Parent to Child Gift Threshold

    Can a married couple get in total €24k tax free yearly from both parents, e.g . €3k * 2 * 2 * 2?
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    Have Kildare CoCo reduced monthly rent allowance from €850 to €725 for new rentals?

    If you switch to RAS for which deposit is not required, does the landlord has to give deposit, if any, back to the tenant?