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    VHI Treatment time limits for VHI

    I would encourage your friend to discuss this with the admin and billing department in the hospital. They are usually very knowledgable about what is covered under different plans ( as its in their interests)
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    Cold feet re_moving house

    OP, My guess is that the real benefit of the field is that you look out your window and see a field of sheep and not a housing estate. If you really think that you are used to living in an isolated setting and you would hate a housing estate then its not the right move. Kids are happy...
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    Cold feet re_moving house

    The question is impossible for anyone else to answer. Some people love living in rural areas and can't stick suburbia, some are the opposite. The kids will adapt really quickly, much quicker than when they are older, (If your kid loves tractors, their head will spin when a bus passes down the...
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    Cheque in post from Revenue, nothing else.

    AFAIK, the split of the refund is based on the split of your tax credits.
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    Invest in a more expensive house

    The reason why illiquidacy is relevant is that you can only release those assets to your children when you die. If you live to be 88, and you had kids in your 30s, you cant hand it on to them until they are in their 50s.
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    Where to go for a retreat?

    I would agree with Leper, but if your friend thinks that a retreat will help, i have heard very good reports of the Jampa Ling Buddhist retreat centre in Cavan.
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    Question about hse home support package

    I'm really sorry to hear that. I have sympathy with you all ( The family and your father). It's a very difficult thing to witness when you feel that you should be able to help and fix things and you can't always do that. He clearly hates the thought of being in hospital for an extended length of...
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    Replacement for Campbell O’Connor

    I’m in the same boat. I moved from cantor Fitzgerald to Campbell OConnor a year ago to avoid the fees. Similar situation as the OP. One stock which was a ESOP and which I am keeping in the medium term.
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    Can't see the wood from the trees... please help

    I'm a firm believer in being careful with money and saving for a pension, but not at the expense of living life a little. Don't listen to him. What would life be without an occasional sausage roll.
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    UK Driving License

    But, even if they worded the question " How long have you had your license", they more than likely, really want to know " How long have you had a valid license?". The full and accurate answer in either case is " I have an Irish license since xxx, but I have had a UK License for 15 years prior...
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    Parents signed House into eldest sons name ... now want it back

    This definitely needs proper legal advice. Its not clear what the end game is ? do the parents want the house in their name now so they can leave it to their children in their will, or do they want to sell and distribute in their lifetime ?
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    UK Driving License

    I know someone who did this a number of years ago. It was very easy to sort out. From memory, NDLS issued a letter to the effect that a valid UK license was held for x number of years. This was acceptable to the insurance company.
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    Green Card requirement for travel to BI / UK?

    I agree that its a "a load of Brexit bureaucratic nonsense" but that can be said of a lot of Brexit issues and that doesn't mean that we can ignore it. It is a worst case scenario, but it would be foolish of us not to have any preparation for a worst case scenario , where possible. Currently we...
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    Green Card requirement for travel to BI / UK?

    If the PSNI decide that foreign cars without it are impounded ( which they are entitled to under British law) , the card will be handy. (No-one knows if they will do this, but they can)
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    Does Irish Water notify people that they have abnormally high water usage?

    I agree. In all of the debacle about IW and how we pay for water, what have got lost is that we need a authority who is managing our water supply. We are decades behind where we should be.
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    Does Irish Water notify people that they have abnormally high water usage?

    Not really. I don't have the letter at work, From memory, the average usage per person is 129, our usage is 850. There are 5 of us in the house, so this is high but not off the scale. Worth investigating. I agree with you, Its not costing me financially but we do want to get it fixed and avoid...
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    Does Irish Water notify people that they have abnormally high water usage?

    I got a letter from the yesterday telling us that our usage is high and offering a free visit to help find it.
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    Buying house from family member at lower than market value price

    "The house cost him approx 150k to build.". Where did this calculation come from ? Was this on a site that he already owned ? I think that that value of the site would also have to be part of the "cost" to him in calculating CGT.
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    How much monthly income do I need if I retire now?

    As well as your current expenses, don't forget to add in an appropriate amount to replace and repair cars and do maintanance on your house for the next 37 years. ( Boiler service and replacement, white goods, furniture, carpets and flooring, painting).
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    Getting name off a joint mortgage/redress split and credit score

    Is this a fair summary of the situation ? Jo and Pat bought a house while married Jo and Pat are now divorced. Par lives in the house and currently pays the mortgage Jo wants to get rid of the house Pat wants to own the house, but cant get a mortgage to buy it off Jo They can't get the €12K...