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    Medical card patients claiming expenses

    If your mum went to a private hospital here I doubt if she can get anything - if she went abroad the HSE have a scheme - see
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    Break from pension contributions to pay off credit card

    If you take a break you will loose the tax relief presumably at the higher rate - so the 500 pension reduction would only give you a much smaller amount to pay off the CC each month. Could you make a plan to pay off the CC before the 17% kicks in from your existing salary or reduce pension...
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    Advice on DB scheme closing

    Yes they are entitled to close down DB scheme - many schemes have closed as employers find it too expensive to maintain the DB entitlements.
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    Claim back eworker expenses

    Below from revenue site explains it: Home expenses You can make a payment of €3.20 per workday to an e-Worker employee without deducting Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) or Universal Social Charge (USC). This payment is to cover expenses such as heating and...
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    Public vs Private

    Is the job in the public service permanent or contract ? There would be more opportunities in the public service to move upwards but you would need to be doing courses and taking on more responsibility. Only you can decide which is more important for you - it would be a good idea to check...
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    Non-contributory state pension - lump sums

    She will need to notify Social Protection and she can try fighting her case but as she is above the permitted savings I doubt if she will suceed - try anyway. It is very important that they are notified as when the time comes for her estate to be sorted out they will definitely look for a...
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    What do landlords withhold a vacating tenant's deposit for?

    How long were tenants in house - you have to accept some wear and tear. I would ask them to take away their rubbish or you will have it taken away and deduct it from deposit. I would return the rest of the deposit and consider yourself luck that they left in good time.
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    Travel insurance for 78 yr old to USA

    I see a company advertising for any age,any condition and any country. It’s called Allclear travel Ireland and you can get an online quote. Don’t know anything about them but they may be worth a try.
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    Medical card and PRSI

    There is a reduced rate of USC for holders of full medical cards , not GP visit cards. See revenue site
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    Invalidity pension and offered a job.

    You have to apply for partial capacity benefit and you will only get it if your condition is classed as moderate,severe or profound. You will not get anything if your condition is classed as mild. You get 50% for moderate, 75% for severe and 100% of your invalidity pension if classed profound...
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    What information do you request from prospective tenants?

    You need to check rental history and speak to previous landlord - don't just take written reference. Many landlords also look for a reference from the prospective tenant's employer - this is in order to verify that they are employed and can afford the rent. You also need to check if they are...
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    Taxation of rental income after marriage

    Because you have rental income I imagine you are self assessed - see below from citizens info site If one spouse/civil partner is self-employed, joint assessment can still apply. The flexibility this option brings can be very convenient - especially if one of you pays tax under the PAYE system...
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    Taxation of rental income after marriage

    Is the property jointly owned - if so opt for joint assessment, it is the most tax efficient way to deal with your tax as a married couple. If the property is in your name only I understand you are responsible for the tax due.
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    Rear ended liability admitted by other party now refusing it.

    If his insurance covered your repairs surely they are admitting liability. A friend of mine stopped on a roundabout to let a lady with a pram cross and he was rear ended - but he was advised by solicitor that he was wrong ( he should not stop to let someone cross) and he should not pursue the...
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    House Renovation Quote

    You should check with your insurance company will they cover the flat roof - it usually depends of what percentage of your property is flat roofed. For 100& flat roofed it is virtually impossible to get a quote.
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    Taxed too much for years

    Please do would be interested to hear how you get on - good luck! ,
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    My submission to the Oireachtas Finance Committee on the No Consent, No Sale Bill

    There are far too many people not making any effort to pay their mortgage and those who do pay are subsiding them. This proposed bill is a load of nonsense.
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    Question about hse home support package

    If your father is in an acute hospital they are quite entitled to either send him home if they deem him fit or send him to a step down facility. If he wants to come home you should agree to give it a try with the homecare package , alternatively a nursing home may be on the cards which will cost.
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    Taxed too much for years

    As far as I can see your employer is paying you the 75% deducting tax etc, and deducting an amount equivalent to your social welfare , described as statutory entitlement which is what the income protection scheme allows. You get invalidity pension separately which is taxed by reducing your tax...
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    Child Maintenance Amount

    If you both had agreed to split grinds 50/50 then she cannot just change her mind - can you deduct the €300 from the money you give her. It looks like you would need a third party to decide what is fair. You both need to think of what is best for the children -I know it is easy for me to say...