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    booking deposits

    The Booking Deposit with the Estate agent is fully refundable. If the house deal falls through at any time or you change your mind about the house, they will give that back to you, no exceptions. This 5k is subtracted from the total cost, it's not extra. You will be asked to pay 10% Deposit when...
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    Gift From Spanish parents To Buy A House

    Just to bear in mind if you/your parents are transferring money that there is a daily limit on electronic transfers, at least in Ireland. So it may have to be done in chunks over a week if doing it manually. It won't make any difference if you hold the money or your parents do until closer to...
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    01-442 9818 - Revenue Scam

    I just got this call on my mobile from (01) 442 9818. A Recorded Message - very stern English voice saying there was a criminal prosecution against my name in Revenue and to call back the number.
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    Eir - impossible to contact

    The person on Twitter replied and said they had 'opened a case' for me query about my bill, which they say will be resolved in 8 days. So I will wait to hear.
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    Eir - impossible to contact

    Eir are impossible to contact. You cannot get through on 1901. I was on Hold for 53 mins then the call got cut off. The Email for domestic users is now disabled. The Chat is rarely attended. My last attempt at the Chat, the person who responded just pasted a link from the online page into the...
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    PAYE and Preliminary Tax

    In my limited personal experience it could well be a ROS system thing, but still needs fixing or the system will continue to think that money is owed. When you are submitting the Form11 online, the system asks you about Preliminary Tax for next year. If you don't owe any tax, you enter 0 (a...
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    Tax on shares

    As far as I know the TIN is your PPS number. I have shares from a US company and was asked to provide this a long time ago.
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    New employer reneging on new job - have left old job

    Gosh Elainem, sorry to hear this. What a horrible thing to happen :(. It just doesn't seem right than an employer can discriminate against someone like this for a valid illness.
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    CGT on selling Shares - Cost basis Exchange Rate?

    Another query. The Income Tax forms asks for Euro equivalent for Dividends. However, am I allowed to deduct the losses on exchange rate in transferring the dividends to my Irish bank account? Otherwise I am paying tax on money I never actually received? I should therefore only declare the Euro...
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    Taxes on investments through US broker

    I am in a similar position myself. From what I know the dividends are treated as 'Income' and have to be declared as such with Revenue on the Form 11. So Dividends earned in 2017 are declared in 2018 as income for 2017. Your US brokerage will have withheld 15% tax already if you filled in the W8...
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    CGT on selling Shares - Cost basis Exchange Rate?

    If the proceeds of US share sales are deposited in the brokerage account in USD. Do I use the exchange rate on the Settlement date? If I transfer the USD to my Irish Bank Account on a different day my actual EURO gains might be less or more? Or are the Revenue are only concerned about my...
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    CGT on selling Shares - Cost basis Exchange Rate?

    If I bought 100 US shares in the year 2000. Shares were $6 each. These cost me $600 then. I sell these today in 2018 @ $24 each. I get $2400. So I have CGT on what my profit of $1800. $600 in 2000 = 638 euros (1 USD = 1.0647) $600 in 2018 = 512 euros (1 USD = .85) But my question is: Do I...
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    Person in Care - where to transfer funds?

    How are you currently managing your mother's account? How is the Nursing home, GP bills etc being paid? Can the money not be lodged in that account?
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    Fair Deal Scheme

    Just a reminder there is a great thread here with the various scenarios demonstrated:
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    General Is it possible to cancel health insurance before end of term and switch to different provider?

    Hi, I think there could be a cancellation fees. On the HIA website you can also enter the plans you are interested in and do comparisons side by side.
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    The Ant Stop things work for us as well. It takes a couple of days. Put them down where ever you see them, it will stop them. They may come back again in a few months as we come into the summer. As soon as you see one or two, put down new Ant Stops.
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    General First time Health Insurance, go 'cheap' during waiting period?

    Gulp. The loading figure means it has to be the cheapest one I guess to make it doable. So does the Loading reduce over time? It'd be Galway hospitals we are talking about. Thanks for the reply.
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    General First time Health Insurance, go 'cheap' during waiting period?

    Hi, helping a friend look for first time Health Insurance. They are early 50's. As there will be 2% loading of Lifetime community Rating and a 26 week waiting time, would Laya Precision 600 Connect be a good bet to start with? My thinking is they can increase their cover once the waiting period...
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    General Elderly Mum paying 2 Health Insurers by mistake

    Hi, my elderly mum has early dementia. She was insured by VHI for many years. This year, we found her a similar but 1k cheaper policy with Laya. We assisted her to sign up with Laya, then rang VHI with our intention to cancel. They said she had to send them in a letter, that was the only way to...
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    A little concerned - furniture removed from house before letting

    It might have well have been the letting agent. If he is running other properties (some of which he might own himself) and was short a couple of pieces of furniture, mightn't he have taken them from that house if his own tenants needed them? The boiler man has just as much as a reputation to...