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    Do Irish issued contactless credit cards work on the London Tube?

    Which is better value? The Oyster Card or The credit card tap?
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    Announcement debit card tax replaced by 12 cents per transaction

    I got charged €5 stampduty on my Debit Card on 1st January 2016. Is this correct or is this for 2015?
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    Bank of Ireland 2% Cash back

    Please help. I cant find answer on internet. If that offer is drawn down, mortgage can NOT be repaid in less than 60 months (5Yrs) What I’d like to find out is : Is it possible to do say 85 -90% LTV with BOI and then bring it down to 50% after 6 months? Is one stuck at 90% LTV? How long...
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    Receiving CASH as gift from parent

    Thank you mf! for your reply. I'm sorry if you felt threatened. I an getting €200k from a parent. I'm looking for advice about tax. I understand that I have not exceeded the €225,000 threshold on aggregated gifts and inheritances from a parent and i will not have any tax liability. How should i...
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    Receiving CASH as gift from parent

    Gift of €200K What's the procedure? What forms do I fill out?
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    Electricity Standing charge

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    Revenue C.A.T Guidance - Gifts to children

    If gifted amount is under threshold, should it be declared? If so; whats the procedure? What form should i submit?
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    Flat Rate Expenses

    My costs are 166 a month and not 166 a year . This is so small...
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    Flat Rate Expenses

    Could anyone explain the following, Why do Mining Industry get a high rate of 'flat rate expenses'(a)miners/shift bosses underground, mill process workers/shift bosses and steam cleaners €1312 Whats the logic behind it when sayForesters employed by Coillte get €166 Both jobs havemore or...
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    License for a restaurant . . cost?

    How much does a license for a restaurant cost per annum?
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    electric picnic parking

    Carpark was free the last few years... but with reduced ticket prices it might change!?
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    electric picnic parking

    you'll have no choice of carpark. you'll be directed into a field and when that fills up the next field will open..etc Bring earplugs for sleeping as when you wake in the morning anpoople are chatting in other tents you'll get back to sleep (if required and you will!)
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    VHI VHI out-patient claim: apply within 3 months of the end of the insurance year.

    Re: VHI Company plus: e) Day-to-Day Medical Expenses cover • We will pay benefits for eligible expenses listed in Sections 9 and 10 of your Table of Benefits which are subject to an excess as a lump sum at the end of each year. However, if you have large expenses during the year, you may submit...
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    REMINDER: UlsterBank IT Glitch Deposit Bonus

    This interest was never added to my account. Did ant one else get it?
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    Electricity & Gas Best Deal

    What supplier do the best discount?
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    REMINDER: UlsterBank IT Glitch Deposit Bonus

    An automatic one-off payment, which equates to an additional rate for 3 months of 0.06% Gross, 0.25% AER† (fixed) on the average daily balance between 1 September and 30 November 2012, for those Personal and SME customers with a savings account. Only accounts open on the 19 June 2012 which are...
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    Can you take out several An Post National Solidarity Bonds?

    If I already have a 10 year National Solidarity Bond can I also purchase the new 4 year bond? Yes, you can purchase either the new 4 year Bond or may also purchase additional 10 year Bonds – subject to the maximum limit. If you have your personalised National Solidarity Bond card (see picture...