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    What gift to give for a "Garden Lover" under 50 Euro?

    Hi Cnu, If you want to spend up to €50 ,you could buy maybe something like a sundial mounted on a plinth or some sort of sundial. Have a look in a decent garden centre.
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    Lucan house prices

    hi, Friday afternoon 7th April. rang EA to enquire re Lucan house. Original price: Excess €340.000. Was told by girl who answered phone that price was €381,000 but when I expressed serious interest ,I was transferred to another person who, after some conversation, quoted €368,000 and arranged...
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    DIRT tax refund when only one spouse over 65?

    Hi, Thanks ClubMan, Got a refund from Revenue.
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    Reporting Old Age Pension fraud anonymously?

    For God's sake, let the man rest in peace and get on with your life
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    Dogs soiling floor at night time

    "No Judybaby, but my dog was trained that way when he was a pup and never soiled the house after that! It does work! He is now a 7.5 stone Labrador, you can imagine the soil he'd leave after him now if he were still in the house!" Hi Willypat,, Try shoving his face in it NOW.
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    Circuit Court - max value of case

    "If both parties agree can the award be greater than ~€38k? " Do you mean that one party has agreed to pay in excess of €35k. Why not settle out of court
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    Cherbury Park, Lucan

    We were looking to buy there as our daughter has lived there for the past 8 years. It's fine and last year it was the only estate in Lucan (the village side of the motorway) that had prices well below anywhere else in the area. Unfortunately, we were not ready to sell , so missed out. My...
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    Sarto Estate / Sutton

    Hi pbyrne, When I saw your query, the same thought about swapping occured to me but we are almost at the final stage , just ready to sign for Lucan ,near the foxhunter
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    Sarto Estate / Sutton

    Hi pbyrne,, Have lived in Sarto Park for 21yrs and am sorry to leave it. We are moving to Lucan to be closer to our married daughter and family. Anyway, you are a short walk from dart ,church, schools ,pub is 5 minutes for me, small shopping centre also minutes away. Basically, smallish...
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    Future price of Irish properties

    Hi, Its all doom and gloom. Tell me , if the population is supposed to increase in the next few years and considering we and immigrants all want houses, why should there be a slump. Anyway, if the economy loses its shine and immigrants go home to maybe a "take off" in their own countries ...
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    DIRT tax refund when only one spouse over 65?

    Hi ClubMan, Thanks for that. Next step will be to try to extract refund
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    DIRT tax refund when only one spouse over 65?

    Hi, If money on deposit is held in husband and wife's name but only one is over 65 and entitled to refund of dirt, how does this effect refund of dirt.
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    Sacked Estate Agent looking for fee

    Hi Trading up. Unless I have missed something ,it seems to me that you made some errors. One, you accepted an offer instead of telling the agent that unless a better one turns up after ? days/weeks, you would accept it. Two, you are wrong to assume its unreasonable for EA(for whom I have little...
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    Sacked Estate Agent looking for fee

    Hi Trading up. You could say that you are taking the house off the market, wait 2 months and then try another EA. Afaik ,you only have to pay Ad. expenses
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    Spaying/Neutering your dog

    Hi Nichen, Why did you have to mention blood.Ugh! Anyway, since you did, I did see ads on tv where discreet material can be worn and your doggie can play and jump around about as much as she likes with no discomfort. As a matter of interest, what breed is she. I have had only male dogs so I...
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    Spaying/Neutering your dog

    Hi Nichen, OK ,Give her the morning after pill;)
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    Spaying/Neutering your dog

    Hi ,Would you not just give him a packet of condoms and save him from the pain of a snip