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    €85,000 for spilling tea on yourself

    A leopard never changes its spots ;) :rolleyes:
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    €85,000 for spilling tea on yourself

    ...without any admission of liability, implicit or explicit. Why introduce more red herrings then? Maybe and perhaps my aunt with different plumbing could be my uncle. Nothing I've seen suggests anything of the kind! See court reports and out of court settlement terms for confirmation, the key...
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    apartment leaked to downstairs apartment

    Looking for legal advice: There was a plumbing issue on my apartment and it leaked down to downstairs apartment. What happened was the cylinder started to overflow. First off there is €5000 excess on any water claim so insurance not an option. I immediately phoned plumber and he fixed the leak...
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    How Soon Need A Sale Price Be Registered ?

    This one is said to HAVE been sold - got the price via auctioneer boast. But all doesn't seem final yet. A lot of internal work to be done, some structural like chimney and roof plus usual rewiring and plumbing. Would not be surprised if it's thrown up: margin too small at €30k for outlay of €130k.
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    Solar panels connect to stove pipes

    Whilst I was simplifyin, I think the Solar PV panel set up with hybrid inverter battery and diverter to immersion is a good wiring solution without impacting plumbing and I am proceeding that way.
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    Deposit for children's party venue not refundable

    and if my aunt had different plumbing she'd be my uncle. It isn't clear to me why you and other contributors want to discuss the OP's uncle when the issue to hand is with his aunt. Apart from the elephant in the room no-one will discuss. "Terms in consumer contracts must always be fair and...
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    Solar panels connect to stove pipes

    ...power is required than generated by the panels the excess will first be taken from the battery storage then from the grid. No new tank or plumbing required, there is wiring and tech/smart meters required. I got a quote today of around €10000 after a grant of €3100 and am going to get other...
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    Converting old farm shed to 1 Bed apartment

    Well perhaps not demolish but remove the items - plumbing/wiring/windows that changed its use.
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    Converting old farm shed to 1 Bed apartment

    ...single builder versus direct labor. I think it may be cheaper to go direct labour but then I have to source good builders for each piece - plumbing, electrics, plasterers and so on. At the moment I'm seriously considering the single builder approach but our budget will mean it will not be...
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    I am considering renovating and underpinning a split level bungalow. It’s completely gutted now and also has missing tiles on roof. Glazing plumbing rewiring plastering needs to be included. How much can I expect it to cost?
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    Strange Boiler Issue.

    ...what might be causing this and if there is anything I can do before calling a plumber . I do intend getting it replaced but not until early Autumn as funds are tight at the moment. There are no other plumbing related problems in the house at the moment. I will try to upload a photo. Thanks.
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    Change apartment hot water system

    Certainly possible, but it's a bit of a hack isn't it. If you're getting an electrician out to commission the new shower and do some plumbing, may as well get them to just replace the Mira assuming it's possible. As you definitely want an instant electric shower, your next step is to speak to...
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    Change apartment hot water system

    ...20c. Remember they are nearly 100% efficient and modern units are a lot better and quieter than those of old. As previously pointed out the plumbing is already there, albeit you will only be using the cold feed. Any electrician, 'worth his salt' should have no problem doing the small amount...
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    Change apartment hot water system

    ...1 unit every 6 minutes. More powerful showers will obviously use more. Figure out how that compares to the length of time you'll get a warm shower from a heated tank. A job for both really. A plumber can't legally do the electrics required, and an electrician likely won't want to touch...
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    Heating controls upgrade - Contractor issues

    Hi all, My issue relates to the plumbing contractor we chose for upgrading the heating controls and replacing our slowly failing boiler. On our first interaction the contractor specified that he would not be providing an electrician and I would have to get one myself. We both agreed the price...
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    Building quote

    ...also added extra price for insulated plasterboard saying he needed to add it because of the SAP calculations and increased his PC sums for plumbing and electrics and we can't see what for because we didn't ask for any extra plumbing or electrics Building control wont sign off the building...
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    Natural Gas injector jets

    101# appears to be an odd size. Surely one of these three should be able to assist:-
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    Natural Gas injector jets

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a natural gas injector jet size 101 to complete a set so that I can convert my Fagor hob from lpg to natural gas. hob model is 3F1 95GLSTX . I've tried a few plumbing suppliers and the internet but no success Any help in the matter greatly appreciated.
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    Tenant moving out. Redecorating property and re-letting. Reduce tax liability?

    Block insurance policies will not cover issues as a result of a leak in your internal plumbing system. In fact the majority of household property insurance explicitly excludes cover for damage such as this caused over time. Marine ply is an external grade of plywood. You can get PVC wall...
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    Rain coming in exterior wall of house

    Yes good point, I have used countless tubes of silicone sealant elsewhere in this house. I think problem area is where plumbing pipes emerge from bathroom above. Just have to be patient and wait for SUN. Worst of water is dribbling down inside of window and nuisance as cant catch the drips...