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    We have updated the software behind Askaboutmoney

    Instead of showing number of posts by default, clicking on my logo show the number and something called a "Reaction Score" as well as my points - penalty points for naughtiness or Ludditeness?
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    We have updated the software behind Askaboutmoney

    Yeah, maybe offer it as an option.
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    We have updated the software behind Askaboutmoney

    1st observation is that the "New Posts" function seems to show a different set of posts to the older version. I like the "Messages have been posted since you loaded this page. View them?" at the bottom of the page Free shades now with a subscription?
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    How can we promote even better behaviour on Askaboutmoney?

    Like @Purple I've had the occassional bits of "feedback" (I think that word rather than "criticism" is likely to raise fewer hackles) and in my case, I've had some of my finest work deleted. :) I think the moderators do magnificent work in here which is not to say I agree with every decision...
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    Leak in apartment and management company

    or if you are unhappy about the non-performance of the managing agent.
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    Question regarding the NPPR

    My LA, Kilkenny, issued me with a cover note specifying a list of acceptable documents. Your bank, credit union or other financial institution may issue letters stating the the address in question was used by them as your corresponsence address for the relevant years...
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    Leak in apartment and management company

    I'm unclear as to what organisation you are contacting. Is it: 1. The Managing Agent who is paid to look after day-to-day maintenance in the building or 2. The Property Management Company of which you are a member and Director. If it is 1, then write to a named director of the company by...
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    Apple store prices - Ireland cheaper than UK

    If you use Littlewoods Ireland, for a lot of items, including the Apple Watch 44mm Series 4, they match Apple's prices and give you 6 months free credit (24 weeks to be accurate). I bought mine there and paid the €469 a couple of weeks ago.
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    Tax on a YTD basis and fluctuating net pay

    @WaterWater that is untrue. The reason for the year-to-date calculations is to spread the tax and other deductions evenly through-out the year, avoiding peaks and troughs in net pay. As pointed out above, if there are changes to tax credits, gross pay, employee pension contribution, they will...
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    4 years to investigate a complaint against a nurse

    Can we put this to bed once and for all please. Nurses are *not* medical staff, they are nursing staff; they have no medical degrees, they have nursing degrees and there is a wide difference. They may like to think of themselves as medically trained and qualified and may even aspire to being...
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    Customer service and pricing - Power City, D.I.D. or Harvey Norman

    I found D.I.D electrical in Kilkenny to be exceptionally good and easy to deal with. I bought all the major appliances from them when I moved in here 10 years ago and a couple of tellies and stuff since. Highly recommended for range, price, and pre and post-sales service. I have no connection...
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    Anyone having problems staying logged in to askaboutmoney?

    No change that I've noticed on Safari
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    Changing language on Win 10 laptop

    Click the Start menu and select Settings. Select Time & Language. Select Region & language and click Add a language. Locate and click on the language you want to use. Choose your language and click Options then click Download to install the language pack and keyboard. Google is your friend...
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    Coffee beans not vital for human survival

    Anecdotally they store white wash, piles of BS, millions of plain brown envelopes and speech templates starting with "So, let me be very clear on this point ..." and "So, this new independent report which we paid for, proves, independently, that we did the right thing ..."
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    Panda/GreenStar Consumer Bins & Recycling - be careful

    My Panda account is *not* correct as the double dip still appears as two debits; one of them needs to have a reversing credit. Only one actual service transaction occurred but I was incorrectly charged twice, therefore a balancing entry needed on my Panda account. It appears looking at the...
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    Panda/GreenStar Consumer Bins & Recycling - be careful

    As I posted above, my refund of €8.75 arrived eventually, but horror of horrors, my online account was never credited with the extra, unwarranted lift charge. I've tried three times now to explain to the customer service staff why my online Panda account is not the same as my credit card...
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    Audi A4 122 or 150 BHP?

    Vehicle modifications e.g. remaps invalidate your insurance if not declared on the proposal or renewal documents. They will also of course void all warranties.
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    Cost of motor accident repairs - can they be challenged?

    Get more quotes from insurance-approved repairers.
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    Hump developed in wooden floor

    Very strange indeed. With the presence of a storage heater I'd have expected a degree of contraction in the floor boards if they'd been a less dense hardwood than oak. Any spills in the vacinity of the hump?