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  1. caljane

    Questions re. kitchen redesign

    ...appliances would still be against an external wall. My questions about this are: (a) How much does moving the sink / cooker / dishwasher (plumbing, gas) add to cost / difficult? We'd most likely be just moving them down the same external wall they are already on? (b) Is it essential that...
  2. M

    Best radiator as in highest BTUs for smallest size

    In this new extension I am doing the builder already has the plumbing in, it's just a matter of finding the right size rad. In my father's house it was an old stone built house with the boiler and existing rads on totally the opposite side to extension and no easy way of tapping into existing...
  3. A

    Keeping the Heating On

    YEs fair enough but even that is minor plumbing as opposed to redoing pipework to make physical zones.
  4. S

    Keeping the Heating On

    only if you already have TRVs on your rads. Otherwise there is definitely plumbing involved.
  5. A

    Keeping the Heating On

    ...but you can get a smart heating control system with individually controlled room thermostats to go on your rads for less than 500e with no plumbing required. Handy to have different temperature set points in different rooms on different times of different days dependent on your usage pattern...
  6. D

    Plumbing - two toilets clogging. Help!

    Initially I had an issue with downstairs toilet - it wasn't backing up but there's a slight leak on the floor . waiting for the plumber to come out (has been a while now) so haven't been using that one. So then yesterday, in the upstairs of the house two of the three toilets clogged up ...
  7. S

    OCT 2020 Extension prices Dublin

    To be clear that 280 includes complete gutting of of a 90sqm house as well as the extension. All new windows, floors, insulation, doors, kitchen, wardrobes, slider, bi-fold etc. a lot of fees and VAT also. Architects have generally said 2.5k - 3k per sqm for extension, but apparently there’s a...
  8. S

    OCT 2020 Extension prices Dublin which includes, foundation, roofing, interior and exterior doors, windows, insulation, drywall, paint, flooring, and electrical, plumbing and light fixtures. I would realistically expect to pay a bit more per sqm. for a smaller extension though, but certainly nowhere near 4K per sqm...
  9. Z

    Full replumb

    Based on any plumbing work I've had done it doesn't sound unreasonable, it's one of the more expensive trades. One thing I'd highly recommend, as it's missing from your list, is to plumb and cable for a smart thermostat (Nest etc) to control the heating. Ideally one for upstairs and one for...
  10. G

    Full replumb

    ...bathroom and also insulating it and paying the tiler but ill be suppling tiles and grout. He Is also ripping out the bathroom upstairs and plumbing in a bath a new sink and a toilet. I will be providing these and he is including the tiling labour in this. He is also insulating this bathroom...
  11. A

    Solar PV or Solar Thermal

    I would think that getting the shower situation addressed first would be more-beneficial. A unit of energy from gas is about 1/4 the price of a unit of energy from electricity and power showers are much much better than electric showers. Combi boilers are I think the best solution for small...
  12. D

    Solar PV or Solar Thermal

    ...a very very small water tank in hot press and small attic tank so my question is do we need to replace the two tanks and showers and some plumbing etc... if so is this not a cost effective option ? Would we be better to get a combi boiler as our boiler would need replacing soon too although...
  13. P

    Reducing rental income tax liability

    ...liability this year, plus the outstanding balance for 2019. Depending on the type of work you intend doing if its maintenance, painting, plumbing, etc you can off set that against this years, 2020 liability. You will then fill out your Form 11 next year and pay any difference, if the...
  14. K

    OCT 2020 Extension prices Dublin

    ...and €1,200 per square meter for refurbishment works. NB: These figures do not include the purchase of things like windows, kitchens, bathroom fittings or finishes but do cover all construction works, electrical and plumbing works, internal doors and the fitting of all finishes and sanitary ware.
  15. R

    Buying substantially refurbished house without cert of compliance

    thanks for this useful info. I think what I am going to ask the seller to provide us opinion of compliance with Building regulation along with Certificate of Exemption from Planning Regulations. Separately I will request them to provide us the plumbing and electrical certs.
  16. T

    First Time Buyer - Looking to sell after 5 years

    ...put the time and labour into it; the first bit of painting or wood work you do will be messy but you'll get better. Hire professionals for plumbing & electrics. Ask all the relatives for any unwanted curtains, rugs, sofas, bed frames. Buy a wet & dry vaccum cleaner & learn how to sew (if...
  17. S

    Home Insurance - who insures homes over 100 years old?

    Most insurance companies will refuse to insure 100 year old + houses unless the wiring, plumbing and roof were upgraded within last 25 years.
  18. S

    Home Insurance for Listed Property

    Older buildings may have much more issues, dodgy wiring from last century, old leaky plumbing and a roof that's seen better days. Usually when you are looking for insurance for an older house at least 100 years old, insurers will ask when all three of the above were last upgraded before they...
  19. M

    Plumbing question - I can't figure out where the water in my bathroom sink goes!! Really annoying as I renovated that bathroom myself about 10 yrs ago, did the tiling, woodwork, shower enclosure, presses, everything bar the plumbing! Got the professionals in for that, ironic as the toilet is actually not fitted correctly either! Thanks for all the suggestions. :)
  20. M

    Plumbing question - I can't figure out where the water in my bathroom sink goes!

    This is something that puzzles me regularly but today I decided to really test it. So I have a bathroom in front of house, main bathroom even though it's mainly just the shower in there that is used. Anyway the drains run along the front of the house with a manhole at either gable and another...