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    what happens if i lose deposit paid on visa

    Let's see Goods price £6,000- 10% deposit of £600 paid via credit card, let's assume the rate was £0.85, so would show on the card as €705. £6,000 (in total) at that time would have been €7,058. So, euro rate is now £0.95, so when you pay the £5,400, it would show on your card as €5,684. In...
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    Royal Meadows Kilcock

    You should get a house for that price closer to Dublin (if you are planning on commuting to Dublin that is) on the same train line.
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    You may also be able to accomplish the same using a webcam at home.
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    Recommendations for Cleaning Car Seats

    I paid €75 for a valet last year when putting my old car up for sale and for a once-off it was well worth it. I wash and wax my own car myself at least twice a month-it takes time, effort and money (for the right materials and products) but it is worth it.
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    Gym in Malahide?

    ALSAA by the airport is reasonable, if not very modern looking. They do have a computerised system for tracking your visits and exercises, which I think is good. Also, big TVs, with Sky Sports (none of those feckin soaps). Moved away from the area 2 years ago, so my info may be a bit out of date.
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    Recommendations for Cleaning Car Seats

    Worth getting a valet if you are putting it up for sale IMHO.
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    SKY+ "freezing"

    Yes. If it's only done it a few times, it may not be worth getting it replaced-as I say some of our recordings fail, and sometimes the box sounds like it is going to explode, but it doesn't happen often enough to be a real problem. You could copy the contents of the box to a DVD/DVD HD if you...
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    Where to get MSOffice at academic prices?

    A brochure came through the door for today-they are selling MS Office Home and Student (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) 2007 for €79.99. They have shops as well as a website.
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    Unknown PayPal transactions

    Does it have a 4 digit number preceding the amount? Did you apply to be 'verified' by PayPal? If PayPal are saying that they did not initiate the transaction, then you need to get back onto your bank and tell them to cancel your card IMHO.
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    Unknown PayPal transactions

    Interestingly, I can see PayPal refunding my 'Verified' payment on my PayPal Account Activity, but cannot see the payment going out.
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    Sold car, now I have a parking ticket?

    That would give buyers some peace of mind-I wonder what led them to change this?
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    Registered letter bought in advance

    Do you actually get your marriage cert the day of your wedding?
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    Builders sue buyers to complete contracts

    I wonder have any of the banks who financed Laragan written down/off their debts?
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    Sold car, now I have a parking ticket?

    Indeed-but wouldn't it make sense if there was a section of the VRC that could be filled in, detached and given to the seller while the main part is sent for processing? Doesn't something like this happen in the UK?
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    my wife's car ?

    Yes, I think you are correct on that point, you only get the VRC after you tax the car for the first time. You are more than likely entitled to sell the car, but without (sight of) a VRC, I'm not sure if there would be anyone willing to buy it?
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    is it unreasonable to be asked for 4/12 of receipts

    If the terms of the policy state that you can only claim for vouched/receipted expenses, then I'm not sure what recourse or cause for complaint you can have. But, if you don't have the actual receipts, are there any cases where you would have used Laser/Credit Card and may have statements to...
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    Tyres with well know Brand V's unknown brands

    I see Blackcircles recommended a lot, but not sure if they ship to Ireland (based in UK)
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    who can use laser card for transactions..

    I guess the retailer could refuse, especially if they look at the name on the card. E.g. if 'John' presents a card that is in the name of 'Mary' well 'John' is clearly not 'Mary' (transgender issues aside....)
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    Is there an ombudsman for newspapers?

    There sure is Press Council and Press Ombudsman The following may be relevant in this case Principle 2 − Distinguishing Fact and Comment 2.1 Comment, conjecture, rumour and unconfirmed reports shall not be reported as if they were fact, but newspapers and...
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    Advice on current situation

    Re: Advice for on current situation I think that if a non-FTB makes a contribution to the purchase of a property, it will trigger a stamp duty liability. Maybe this thread might be relevant in this case?