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    Chimney heights?

    Is there any regulations re the height of chimneys? Context is single story extension exempt from planning but chimney put in quite high and now has to be extended further as not working right, chimney will be at least height of existing one on roof of house (which is 2 story) if not higher.
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    Does mortgage provider contact employer?

    There are definitely occasions when mortgage provider contacts employer, did it many times myself but I would have been prompted by some suspicion or other based on either the documentation or something in the application :) If it's all correct then you lessen the chances but sure it's no big...
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    Is a lender entitled to charge a customer who asks for 20 years of statements?

    AIB would of course have the info but going back that far it's stored on microfiche probably offsite in storage facilities. Someone has to get the correct box back out of storage, go through it, print them off etc. It's not as simple or quick as just pressing a button, might be for the recent...
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    Does mortgage provider contact employer?

    Not too likely I would think if it all looks ok, any discrepancies on information given will make it more likely.
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    Pizza bases

    I bought one of those electric pizza makers, I like it and I keep the home made bases frozen. I have lots of pizza places near me that would deliver and have never bought one from them, I like the home made version and I'm thrifty! Pack of fresh yeast is about 50c and flour is cheap too so...
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    Pizza bases

    If you went to the bother of buying a pizza oven then definitely make your own bases :) Once you have sorted out how to do it you can then freeze either the balls of dough or the rolled out bases ready to go. I like to mix the dough in the evening and put in fridge overnight to prove...
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    Part ownership of parents home and Fair Deal scheme

    I presume when the word 'loan' is mentioned with regard to Fair Deal it's not an ordinary bank loan being talked about but the Nursing Home Loan scheme so income for repayments doesn't come into it or bank underwriting as such.
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    What are my options to access the internet if I live in a remote area?

    Part of the problem is you don't actually have to be in a remote area to have the problem, was it that same programme or another I heard that another guy said he was 40 km from Dublin and had no decent wifi? My brother lives 20 km outside a pretty big town and he cannot get a working broadband...
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    Pop Up Restaurant in own home.

    If you're charging you're screwed, too many rules, correctly so obviously but would make it impossible to charge.
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    'Temporary' Mortgage Solution?

    From Bank A's point of view you will be remortgaging or switching so would depend what their policy is in relation to transferring a tracker in that scenario.
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    I accidentally gave wrong a/c no...will I get money back?

    No, it's not an immediate bounce back, it goes into some sort of holding account and eventually gets redirected back so can take a while. If you have the sort code and account number you did use then if you put them into an IBAN generator online would that give you an IBAN if it was an...
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    I accidentally gave wrong a/c no...will I get money back?

    I have done this, put the wrong sort code and unfortunately the combination of the wrong sort code and my account number was valid in another branch. The bank couldn't do anything but offer to write to that customer to advise them of the mistake, they couldn't debit the account without that...
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    Many wasps/bees entering sleepers in garden

    Funny enough I was out in the garden yesterday and I usually have never noticed wasps/bees etc I just let them do their thing but the garden was full of these kind of wasp like things, definitely not bees, but they were hovering around unlike wasps. I swear one of them was actually motionless...
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    Car Insurance loading per housing estate

    Certainly happens to towns anyway, my daughter's insurance dropped 100 a year when she moved! No logical reason either, if anything I'd say the town she's in now is a bit less safe car wise but it's a smaller town if that is part of the criteria they use. Never knew it was as specific as...
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    Can married couple apply for mortgage in one persons name?

    Unlikely, most lenders insist that if married the family home mortgage is in joint names. Check with a broker in case there are any lenders that don't have this requirement but it's fairly standard. How bad is his credit rating? Ask the broker about that too as there are some lenders who will...
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    Refusal of credit union death benefit

    I'd imagine that even though they are all CUs are separate entities the insurance policy of DBI is an umbrella policy that covers all credit unions who choose to sign up for it. The insurance policy is not issued and covered by each individual credit union on it's own so the overall rules of...
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    Mortgage approved but moving city

    All depends, it's a long way between now and October, they could easily ask for up to date payslips before drawdown. As to her commuting again it depends what way the bank look at that, hard to say as realistically you couldn't commute on a daily basis I presume so would this mean she would...
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    Mortgage approved but moving city

    To take her income into account they will want her to have finished any probationary period in her new employment which is likely to be 6 or 12 months, some lenders I believe also want you to be in any new job for 12 months probation or not. The bank will most likely look for up to date...
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    Moving Tracker

    It's a standard one, pity as the current account mortgage can be transferred between properties no problem and it's always a 1.15% margin, that's what made me wonder whether it was one or not. As to whether or not UB will let you take the tracker with you that is down to what their policy is on...
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    Moving Tracker

    Is it a current account/offset mortgage or a bog standard tracker mortgage?