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    Key Post Has anyone lost their tracker through renting out their home?

    I've been renting out a a house with a BOI tracker for the past 5 years. Had to move house and become a reluctant landlord. BOI have known from the start and never had any issue with it. Contract, which I assume is the standard BOI one, is silent on the property being a PPR. Says it's a...
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    politicians, 4 star pizza etc ignoring "no junk mail" signs

    Put a sign on your door saying that all flyers and political leaflets will be charged a €200 fee. Then invoice the senders enclosing a copy of your sign and a copy of their leaflet. The law on this is the same as those private car parks where you have a sign saying e.g. if you park here...
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    Is there a Generic Postcode for Ireland

    If in Dublin, just put in the postcode like this: e.g. Dublin 1 = D0 001
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    Will/probate - estranged parent

    I assume that you are your fathers only child as opposed to the only child from the relationship with your mother? First thing is that there may be no Will. A very high percentage of people have no Will. He could have died intestate. If he never remarried and you are his only child, then you...
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    Cost for Affidavit

    If you are capable of writing it yourself in the correct format, a Commissioner for Oaths can witness it for a very modest fee. There is also a small fee for filing it.
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    Can you transfer a tracker to a new house

    One question that has occurred to me re: these mortgages is whether or the portable tracker can be topped up e.g this situation. Property worth 250k (was worth 400k when purchased) Tracker with balance at 200k. Person wants to move to property worth 300K. Has 50K cash from sale, so is short...
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    Exempt Development under part 8 & 9 of the Planning Regs.

    Have you checked whether or not the council make a decision to extinguish the 'right of way'? It's possible that they went through this procedure at some stage in the recent past. One word of caution - just because a route looks like a thoroughfare and is frequently used by people, it does not...
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    Inheritance rights of second spouse

    Is there a potential 'right share' issue with this proposed new Will - if wife only gets 25%, this is less than her 'right share' of one third.
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    Should I tell a prospective employer that I have booked a holiday?

    +1. This is the best approach. There's a good chance they'll be able to facilitate this anyway for the annual leave reasons outlined by other posters. If there is a difficulty with the dates, then its your choice whether the job is worth giving up you holiday for.
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    Compnay changing contract cleaners, am I entitled to transfer?

    Usually in the cleaning and security business, where an employer loses a contract to another provider, TUPE applies. Under TUPE, empoyees who worked on the site for a period of time can opt to stay in situ with the new provider on their existing terms and conditions. OP needs to give more...
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    Key Post Court procedure for debt cases

    The banks are required to get court judgements for accountancy purposes (someone in the financial business can probably explain this better than me). Therefore they have to go to court. They have a right to use a solicitor in a court case - and most people going to court for any reason use...
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    Key Post Court procedure for debt cases

    But the fees charged for something that has to go to hearing - even if it is only a 10min hearing in the Masters Court - will be a lot more than for a by consent which may be dealt with on a 'For Mention' basis, thus attracting little or no fee.
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    Dublin law firm faces €25m damages bill over bank loans

    Law firms are partnerships between the individual partners. Therefore it is the individuals rather than the firm that is sued. Usually each partner is individually listed as a defendant e.g. If ABC Ltd sues XYZ Solicitors, who's partners are Joe Bloggs, John Doe and A.N. Other, the case would...
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    Key Post Court procedure for debt cases

    Martin, everytime the bank goes to court, they are racking up more costs which will be added to your debt. You may argue that this will make no difference as you have so little and owe so much, but, I dont see the point in making things worse. If you agree that you owe the debt (which is not the...
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    Karl Deeter "Some borrowers are going into arrears on purpose"

    +1 re them being idiots. Not sure its a celtic tiger thing. The person who told me they did this was from one of those families who, in the 80s and 90s used to borrow from their local unofficial 'money lender' twice a year - for summer holiday and for christmas - and end up spending the rest...
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    Karl Deeter "Some borrowers are going into arrears on purpose"

    Based on anecdotal evidence, I'd have to say I agree with Karl. However, I think that in the majority of such cases its not as sophisticated as people thinking they may get a deal down the road. I've come across a couple of cases of each of the following in my circle of acquaintances: 1...
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    Discussion: Should the Local Property Tax be a tax on occupiers, not owners?

    +1. In reality, in Ireland, the lease only applies to the landlord. Tenants come and go regardless of the length of time they sign up to.
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    Who has the authority to pay out - The Executor or the Solicitor?

    I'd be interested in seeing some case law which supports the Law Society guidelines. Every citizen has a statutory right to sue. I've seen Judges go through people for a short cut for forcing people to sign away statutory rights in other situations. Personally I think it is appalling that a...
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    I am not paying the Household Charge because...

    I agree with you re: the merging. There is no reason why Ireland needs dozens of local authority when 4 or 5 would suffice.
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    I am not paying the Household Charge because...

    PS is still shedding people thru natural wastage. But the biggest area of job losses will probably be for local companies who provide various contracted services.