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    Best Buy Instant Access & Notice Deposit Accounts

    Top post updated. AIB and EBS have reduced their variable rates.
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    KBC Smart Move Online account

    Thanks. Thats updated now. (Pretty sure this was not on KBC's original rate change list).
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    KBC Extra Regular Saver threshold

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    Best Buy Regular Savings Accounts

    Top post updated. AIB have reduced their regular saver rates effective 30 July 2019.
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    AIB Drops deposit rate

    Thanks, I will update the best buys later. Normally 2 months notice is given of a rate change, this exceeds that. 0.90% on up to 8 accounts on up to 12k per account is sadly still a good rate relatively speaking.
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    KBC Extra Regular Saver threshold

    New standing order.
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    Next issue of State Savings certs

    It's been a while since this has occurred. Some State Savings rates are now well out of line with comparable deposit rates. Plausible that State Savings rates could be cut on one of the forthcoming public holiday weekends.
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    Best Buy Term Deposits (Fixed Lump Sum Savings)

    Top post updated. KBC have reduced their term deposit rates effective 8 May 2019.
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    Advice needed: Current account and investment options - Ulster Bank to KBC?

    KBC Extra Current Account has no euro transaction and maintenance charges provided you deposit at least 2,500 EUR per month. Hence, the transaction you refer to would be free. Their app is good and KBC support Google Pay, Apple Pay and FitBit Pay. Suggest you put 10k in a KBC Extra Regular...
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    where to save ?

    Suggest: (1) 10k lump sum @1.85% AER in a KBC Extra Regular Saver account. You must also open a KBC Extra Current Account but no fees provided you deposit at least 2.5k into the account per month which can be a wire in and out. (2) Drip feed the remaining 10k at 1k per month into your KBC...
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    Taxation of interest received in a foreign bank account?

    Depends on the EU country. Poland, for example, apply a reduced rate of tax for non-Polish-resident EU account holders. The difference between the reduced tax rate and the DIRT tax rate needs to be paid to the Revenue.
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    Where to get Chinese Currency?

    Can she simply use a Revolut card over there? China are at the forefront of accepting digital payments.
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    Transfering Money from NZ - cheapest way

    The simplest thing is to get your daughter to wire the money online. You will pay a FX margin.
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    Transfering Money from NZ - cheapest way

    Is the transfer NZD to EUR? The cheapest way is to use an online currently broker such as Currency Fair. If the amount is small, you night be best just doing a wire transfer but you will probably pay a high FX fee. There is normally no charge for an incoming transfer. (Apart from FX fees)...
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    PTSB Increase Current Account Maintenance Fees for some

    KBC have started an advertising campaign saying that they are not increasing current account fees. Hence, it would seem that KBC currently account fees are not changing in the near future. There is no way to stop you going below a 2,500 EUR balance with AIB.
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    KBC No Cash Lodgements

    You options seem to be a free EBS account or a credit union account or multiple postal orders.
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    KBC No Cash Lodgements
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    KBC No Cash Lodgements

    Purchase a postal order from An Post and lodge the postal order into your KBC Extra Current Account. Alternatively, ask the person who is paying you in cash to pay you electronically.
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    Setting up a new joint account?

    One option is a joint PTSB Explore account. Fees are 4 EUR per month but you get 10 cent cashback per debit card usage up to 5 EUR per month.
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    Ulster Bank Introducing Transactions Fees

    I'm getting picky but just for the record ... Irish banks can borrow from customers at a blended average rate of aprox. 0.42% (BoI rate as at 30 June 2018 - It has almost certainly dropped a lot since then) of which some of this is at 0.00% via current accounts and instant access accounts...