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    Converting old farm shed to 1 Bed apartment

    If you go with direct labour, the certifications will require a little more thought and planning, make sure you have someone competent in the role of safety officer. Direct labour usually works out cheaper, sometimes by quite a margin, where you know enough to foresee potential issues and...
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    Chimney heights?

    You can seek a declaration on whether a proposed works are exempt or not.
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    Please edit your thread title to make it meaningful, this will assist you get a better response.
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    Ending of lease

    They can terminate the current lease, so the clock starts when they issue formal notice. Take a look at the RTB site for guidance and advice in relation to your rights and the landlords obligations here.
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    Solar panels connect to stove pipes

    You will lose efficiency in your panels if you don't use glycol, plus you'll run a significant risk of boiling the system on hot days. Even with glycol panels can be damaged if circulation fails for any reason.
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    Solar panels connect to stove pipes

    jpd spot on here. Is your back-boiler the only alternative to electric immersion element for water heating? If you have a central heating system that also heats the water tank, you would need a 3 coil cylinder.
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    Googlemaps street name wrong

    Perhaps get some other users to submit the same update requests? I've only ever submitted one update, and that was approved within days.
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    Why there is so little house building in Ireland

    Media, particularly the Indo seem more and more interested in attention grabbing headlines than the truth.
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    Can I appeal a fine for speed and dangerous driving without a photographic evidence - Ireland

    Yep, still amazing how many motorists don't know this. Indeed, shortly after the mandatory use was introduced, the Gardai said that they wouldn't be enforcing it, as to do so would mean they would have to fully enforce penalties on drivers obstructing cycle tracks, and they didn't want to do...
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    Pension: obligation on employer to back-date?

    The agreement was for a match of your contributions. Did you set aside an amount over that time which would then be transferred into the scheme once set up? If you don't want to be beholden to them for 4 years, source the funds elsewhere. Note such a loan doesn't lock you into their employment...
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    Pizza bases

    If you're making lots of pizzas, most bread makers have dough mixing settings that do a good job, take all the work out of it and give you a really consistent dough.
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    Why there is so little house building in Ireland

    Yet one of the few local authority housing developments completed in Dublin in recent years delivered units that cost almost twice that excluding land costs. I'd love to know where they got that €199k figure from, I can only guess it has no basis in the reality of an actual development.
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    Evacuation notice required by HAP Inspector - Qutoed €300

    The developers should have put adequate notices in place prior to occupation in order to comply with the fire regs. Any such notices on other floors? There's no great secret to such notices, it should be possible to create one yourself. The management company should have all the documentation...
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    New owners have redirected post before signing contracts!

    There's no such thing as a private sale any more.
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    Moving on with negative equity

    Even in the south Dublin market which I have been watching closely for the past year or more, there is a wide variation in recovery rates particularly in relation to some developments completed just before the crash really took hold.
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    Unfair Dismissal

    Very unlikely to succeed on disability grounds on the basis of two days in hospital. Such short term incapacity does not come close to qualifying as a disability, so trying that won't go down to well.
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    Marriage equality referendum - "rights" to kids etc.

    The pedant in me says it's actually 67 people allowing for rounding!! :D
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    Big jump in Bitcoin...

    I think we both know they are not going to change those fundamentals, those behind Bitcoin have no reason to make it easy for people to cash out, that's not what their vision is. You should probably report that to the ODCE. I haven't, but then I have been careful in my financial dealings not...
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    Minister Murphy actively pushing landlords out of the market in the face of the latest Daft report

    The RTB stats cover all tenancies reported, including periodic re-registrations, but they don't publish enough data to see what volumes they're basing their data on but given that they do include data from long-term tenancies, it should be the better data. The Daft data only covers properties...