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    Indo love affair with Ferguson

    I think you might be underestimating the pull that Ferguson has in this country.
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    I think I have read it all now -non job filled by a barrister FINE GAEL.

    She isn't a family member either, she is his girlfriend, and only started working for him last year.
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    The mythical sophisticated Irish Electorate

    Evander, I'm sure that there was plenty of No votes put forward to stick it to Enda, but there would have been plenty of yes votes given just to support him and FG. The only thing that we do know for sure is that Ireland has voted No through the democratic process, everything else is redundant.
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    politicians, 4 star pizza etc ignoring "no junk mail" signs

    If it is only happening on such a small scale, I would suggest that it isn't worth getting worked up over. Most of these jobs are outsourced, and I would imagine that it is at the discretion of the guy handing them out, how would his boss know if he had posted it through your letterbox or not. I...
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    Why would I not want the Gardai to know my DNA profile?

    I can chose to not have a mobile phone though, so why shouldn't I chose not to have my DNA taken?
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    Why would I not want the Gardai to know my DNA profile?

    Beyond that IF they want anything from the State they should "play ball", so if you want: That's actually what you said, and you didn't mention uber rich, just childrens allowance. I'm already married so I'll just have to cross my fingers that my OH isn't a relation, even though I'm sure cross...
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    Why would I not want the Gardai to know my DNA profile?

    Do we not 'help the state' through taxes, household charges, motor tax, water rates etc? If I loss my job and need SW for a month or two between jobs, I would suggest that I have earned the right to claim SW without having to lose my right to privacy. I find the idea of pensioners and the...
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    Why would I not want the Gardai to know my DNA profile?

    1. Risk is generally attached to what we can't be sure about, and what we know now isn't definitive. 2. If there is DNA evidence found on any victim as it stands it can be used against a suspect when they are caught, but how many are caught this way? I would have thought that any serial...
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    Is auctioneer required to notify seller of higher bid

    The risk is huge for the EA and vendor to accept a higher bid after sale agreed. If they accept the late bid, and that falls through in the ensuing weeks, then how do they approach the original buyer? They would suspect as many do that the late bid was just a tactic used to push their buy price...
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    Auctioneer did not tell me about potentially higher bidder

    Don't assume anything, just call the EA and set up a meeting. Then outline everything you know and ask for an explanation. If you look for comment here about what could have happened, you're only goin to get a run down on how devious EA's are, but what really matters is that it is your house and...
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    Problem tenants - more problems

    I wouldn't let it go, it's just an idle threat, and your estimations seem conservative. The PRTB is considered to be pro tenant only because when the landlord wins, it is generally too much hassle to go looking for the costs, but not the other way round. If you are just withholding part of the...
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    Lions 2013 tour to Australia

    You mean there are other Irish players in the lions squad!
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    Lions 2013 tour to Australia

    On top in the northern hemisphere, which being the current grand slam winners backs up under even the most biased scrutiny. The last tour was 4 years ago, and at 34 playing 3 test games in three weeks was always going to be a tough task for the man.
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    Lions 2013 tour to Australia

    It would have been nice to win the third with O'Driscoll in the the team, but his performances haven't suggested that he had anything left in the tank. Heaslip has arguably been the stronger performer of the two in the the opening tests, and he is also out. It is hard to argue against Roberts...
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    UPC - Cheaper

    A friend of mine has just had UPC dropped to €17 per month because they were cancelling their contract. The reason that they were cancelling was because UPC were rising the monthly fee from 25 to €27; if they had left it alone they would still be paying €25!
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    You know you live in Ireland, 2003, when . . .

    When people still got carried away and blew things out of proportion.
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    Well he did get us to the euros, where we got spanked by three of the best teams there. He doesn't pick the team that the press and fans generally call for, but we do tend to make stars out of players that are out of the team. Hoolohan is the latest name to be thrown in as the player that will...
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    Social Etiquette - Business Idea

    What you have described is someone with poor manners, that may have an issue with BO, which has nothing to do with etiquette; how would the course go for the person described above - Stop swearing, chew with your mouth closed, and wash yourself, now that will be €200 please. Your story about...
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    Need some advice on Smart TVs

    Smart features and quality TV tend to go hand in hand. The best quality picture available will most likely have all the extras attached, it is rare for a non smart TV, to have a high quality capability.
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    Need some advice on Smart TVs

    Apparently, the VT series never drops in price from Pana, because it is the flagship model and some people will only ever ask for the highest spec model, and pay the going rate, although I'd imagine that those people are thin on the ground now. From what I can see, the GT50 is a VT50 in...