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    Stay the Course or Adjust?

    This would suggest that the OP does not need to pay 500k for the final house (in today's market conditions)
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    Head or heart

    Rosie I am with your husband on this. If the second one causes any untoward delay it could mess up your synching of the move. Given the potential to cause hardship on your child I would stick to current plan. Good luck.
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    New owners have redirected post before signing contracts!

    In fairness, mentioning the child's condition and private sale puts a different slant on this. I'm pretty sure some of the posters would not have posted what they did if they were better informed.
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    Recent experience with probate grant (Dublin)

    All searches, forms, signings of papers were all done prior to actually bringing the case in front of the legal people who grant the probate. I assume they have to stamp and approve the procedure but I'm not familiar with the legal term.
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    Recent experience with probate grant (Dublin)

    Just to be clear, the whole process took a year. The final probate cert or whatever it's called only took four weeks but the legal guys know what had to be produced and how it should be so there was no hold up.
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    Cold feet re_moving house

    Who does all the cleaning and gardening in your current house?
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    New Bathroom Advice

    Deffo go for pvc within shower. All you need to keep it clean is those window wipers the cleaners use and do it after use. 30 seconds to do. You should do this on the doors as well btw.
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    Buying Apartment (Dublin)

    In fairness if I bothered looking for all the problems with buying a house on here, the list would be a lot longer than cremeggs above. Management fees: No need to worry about gardening, hall, stairs and landing maintenance, rubbish collection, block insurance, roof and gutter repairs. Security...
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    Can a probate valuation be challenged/changed after grant?

    Only thing I can think of is to maybe sell the house. At least you'll get the correct valuation then. But I presume you plan on keeping it.
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    Revolut - How to get recall of possible dodgy transaction

    Superb. All sorted via this. Apparently it was the same merchant but probably due to AI (or lack of) on the machine and revolut it came up with that spelling. So chances are it will be rejected as duplicate. I wonder will a legal eagle use this in the divorce courts
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    Private Sector Employment - Reasonable Pension Deal?

    In my shortish experience of the last 20 years, the best deal I had was employer 7% and employee 5%. One had employer 6% and employee 4% but the others were 5 and 5. All were dependent on employee actually contributing their part of the bargain.
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    Revolut - How to get recall of possible dodgy transaction

    I tried using a ticket machine in the UK to buy a ticket but when I put card and pin in I got a transaction not valid. I checked to make sure no ticket was there and went to ticket office and bought one over the counter using same card. Now I have two txs for same amount within one minute of...
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    Recent experience with probate grant (Dublin)

    When my family home was sold, probate was only applied for on sale agreed and was got in about 4 weeks. As long as they are not doing it themselves all should be ok. You would be very unlucky if sale was not through by a week or two.
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    AIB personal loan problems

    Well you have done the first thing which is make a complaint in writing. How much is outstanding ? What are they proposing you do to pay the remainder if they are refusing to put you on a DD ? Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, your missed payments for (possibly up to) 9 months so they...
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    GDPR Data request from customer

    No problem whatsoever with that. But how are they going to assess that by getting the ages and genders of the people who are going to do the work for them ?
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    GDPR Data request from customer

    Wow, just wow. So now companies can discriminate against companies as long as the criteria suits some made-up list by people who have nothing better to do. What will happen when they require to employ drain cleaners or nurses ?
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    "Ireland's serial switchers play the mortgage cashback game"

    Like this sticky post in the Switchers Forum ?
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    Ulster Ulster Bank at Oireachtas Finance Committee Thursday 9th May

    My understanding of this statement is that he upheld the appeals panel decision rather than the complainant. Can this be clarified ?
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    Question regarding the NPPR

    You can write to the ESB or whatever provider you used and request a bill for all of the NPPR years. They are used to getting these requests at this stage. When you get the copy of the bills you fill in a form (it's online) from your County Council and send it in to them. They then issue you...
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    Bidding Strategy

    If your max price is not far from 250 i.e. 260 or 265 I suggest you go 'all in' and see if that scares the rest of them. Be prepared for a long wait and and walking away and move on. You never know, they may still get back even after the it's outbid. Happened me last year in Dublin after the...