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    Is a lender entitled to charge a customer who asks for 20 years of statements?

    They,AIB, charged me for statements on an A/C before. My case was that I had never received the statements in the first case and was preparing a case against them at the time. They charged me but I got my revenge in the end.
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    C02 of one beef dinner in comparison to a flight.

    How do you know when a student goes to trinity college instead of another college, they tell you.
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    Paypal A/C and no other Bank A/C.

    It's a club A/C which is classed business and they charge €5 A month just to hang on to our money.
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    Paypal A/C and no other Bank A/C.

    The bank A/C is not really used for the club business instead the Paypal one is. There is also fee's charged which is annoying
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    Paypal A/C and no other Bank A/C.

    Can you have a paypal A/C only or does it need to have a Bank A/C to a main Bank to link to. I am a member of a club in which we have both a main Bank A/C and a Paypal A/C and we want to just keep the Paypal A/C open and close the Main Bank A/C.
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    Satellite dish installer

    I hate cables running loose so preplanned my Sky install. I put pull cables in behind wall plaster board and built in wardrobes and such. I wanted dish on chimney and first installer arrived and did a I'm a union man and so tried to put the dish on the front wall of the house. Wife sent him...
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    Electricity to Garden Shed

    You can use armoured cable for safety from any risk of damage
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    Electricity to Garden Shed

    Kinda yes to all yoù ask. Underground or over has a lot to do with where your shed is positioned and what's in the way.
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    Next Tory Leader

    In Irish history people left Sin Fein loads of times to form all the parties we now have except for Labour
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    Next Tory Leader

    Interesting to see this take place from a spectator view but it would surely complete the final tearing apart of the conservatives. Half would go for the right wing side and half the less right wing side. The interesting final question they would have is which group would still own the party...
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    Low Pitch Extension Roof leaking - Advice/Repairer Wanted

    The Roadstone tile is called centurian. It is smaller in size but is designed to prevent wind driven rain that blows back up tiles.
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    Window overlooking garden - replaced frosted by clear

    I actually live in an estate where each house has a square bay window for downstairs and for the main bedroom. You can stand in the bay window and "peep" into the next person room if you have a mind to. We however have a thing called a blind,it works well.
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    Window overlooking garden - replaced frosted by clear

    Well I spent 20 years in the window business so I do have some experience of these issues. Like I said having a chat with your neighbour was always a recommended course of action. Many a window was fitted where no planning comments were listed.
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    90 litre wine limit France to Ireland

    A know a retired European space agency scientist who told me that he keeps his research going be doing chemistry experiments of converting alcohol into urine
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    Brexit and the Border

    I find it amusing that you talked to brexiteers and expected their responses to rational questions to actually be rational. Any I have engaged with have always found their arguments running up cul de sac's. Being thick is an entitlement of many a human.
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    Window overlooking garden - replaced frosted by clear

    You cannot stop someone looking out a window. Just because they have clear glass does not make them a peeping Tom. Have a chat with them about it by all means as having good neighbours is always a positive thing for all.
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    Bathroom Repairs North Kildare

    Either cement board or green board although cement board is usually used on the floor. The tank kit is fitted by the tiler.
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    Bathroom Repairs North Kildare

    Make sure you get green board plaster board for the area were water is. It is a water proof material and if it's a shower area use a tank kit €40. That's a seal strip with a rubber liquid that seals up the corners. Don't scimp as it is well worth over the years.
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    High Court Action - taking a bank into the High Court

    I had a case similar but as severe as your one with AIB. I went the accountant to bank manager approach which was less argumentative than the legal route. They were happy to gave in quickly and began offering me compensation. I as was my right kept refusing until they reached their top number...