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    Do you mean get a mortgage secured on both the house and the apartment? Its helpful if you show figures? e.g. Apartment price: €300,000.00 Fees and stamp duty : €6,000.00 Total: €306,000.00 Deposit :€30,000.00 Funded by cash? Mortgage? How much? Secured on what? mf
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    Help marking out the site

    Its done by agreement. It would be better to have the professionals do it so that there is no confusion about precise boundaries. mf
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    What Solicitor Should Charge For Uncomplicated Probate

    You could do it yourself? Or google Cheap Probate Solicitors Ireland and ask the featured ones for a quote? mf
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    Can Seller take solid fuel stoves after including them in desc

    If there is going to be any prospect of trouble, it would be wise for the purchaser to do a pre-closing inspection when the house has been cleared. Most purchasers will do this anyway. I've had situations where we've actually completed a transaction at a property to guard against chicanery...
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    Negative mortgage broker experience

    Your answer. "I feel like it would have been 100% quicker and easier to deal directly with the bank rather than going through a middle man." mf
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    I sold a property, yet ROS says I owe LPT.

    That's the start and finish of it. I ask my vendors to provide me with a print out of their LPT history including showing full payment for the current year. If a vendor is paying on a monthly basis, this can cause confusion but Revenue don't accept apportionments for the year. Its all or...
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    Bank request Planning search months after drawdown

    Its more that there might be a CPO on your house! Don't worry- you'd know all about it if there was ! mf
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    Bank request Planning search months after drawdown

    Its possible that registration has completed and the solicitor has returned the title deeds to the bank and no planning search was done at the time of the drawdown. A planning search can cost upwards of €150.00 . If the bank had been specific at the time that they required a planning search...
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    Apartment sale - Managing agent “scrivenary fee” & service charge

    " Between the geometric survey, agent scrivenary fee & full 2019 service charge, that’s nearly €3000.00 paid in a week." But you have to incur these costs anyway? You can't complete your sale without them and you recover a proportion of the service charge on closing? I can't see what the...
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    Apartment sale - Managing agent “scrivenary fee” & service charge

    I’m in the process of selling an apartment which is part of a large multi unit development. The managing agent (one of the big ones in Dublin) has been requested to forward the usual documents to enable my solicitor complete the formal requisitions. While not expecting the managing agent to do...
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    What if a will is not properly witnessed?

    On a professional basis, there is nothing that can be done. The will is invalid, nothing can fix it, and, on the death, the rules of intestacy will direct where the estate is to go, which may or may not be in accordance with the deceased's intentions. On a practical basis and completely off...
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    Major Snags Seen 15 Years After House Purchase

    Has 2002 buyer any legal comeback for structural snags if they either: 1. Had no survey of their own done in 2002; or Caveat Emptor- let the buyer beware The buyer takes the property as is - they had the opportunity to survey but chose not to. 2. Had a survey done but no snags reported then...
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    Experience with the Land Registry?

    "The deeds of title are in our name." I think you have some paperwork in your name but not title. "process has shown up that the site folio is still registered in the farmers name" Herein lies the problem. " The deeds of title are correct the error is with the land registry." No - the...
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    Financial Considerations of Marriage mf
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    Inheritance from mother but grandfathers name on deeds

    Talk to a solicitor. They'll look at what you have, take you through all the deaths over the years and advise. Don't be making yourself anxious with talk of adverse possession- this will all wash out with Probates and Deeds of Family Arrangement. And no, proof that mother paid the mortgage...
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    Parents signed House into eldest sons name ... now want it back

    Talk to a solicitor. If there was a Trust situation, it may be possible to vest the property back in to the names of the parents. Or not. And I echo RedOnion's comments mf
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    Will made in England

    See this link There will just need to be a separate Irish Grant to deal with the Irish asset. mf
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    Are the councils buying apartments for social housing?

    Yes. I've recently acted in the sale of a two bed apartment to Dublin City Council. mf
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    Mortgage burden cancelled

    Its quite hard to follow your posts. You say that the charge was removed and a letter had to be sent to land registry to vacate the mortgage. But then you say you still owe the money. Which begs the question- why was the charge removed? And there's no point just asking for a specific...
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    Beneficiary of a will with no probate

    There's always a bigger storyline behind the query. What's the storyline? Why won't she show you the will and details of what is in the estate? When did your mother die? What assets are in the estate? Is there a house? Post Office savings? Bank accounts? How do you know you're...