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    Ulster Bank Refund for Interest Overcharge May 2019

    @Bronte Sounds like this scenario:
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    New Posts and Recent Posts

    On mobile it's a bit different. When you go to 'new' there are 2 options: New posts - only shows unread What's new - shows recent posts.
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    Ulster Bank Refund for Interest Overcharge May 2019

    Well, it has everything to do with trackers. You're loan rate 'tracks' a market rate, most probably EURIBOR? As such, it fell within the definition of CBI examination, although not a 'tracker' as normally meant by the definition. That's probably why you're getting the refund!
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    How the quote function works

    Not a bug, but the quote feature is a bit different. We'll end up with quoted quotes the way it is.
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    Ulster Bank Refund for Interest Overcharge May 2019

    Yes, there were lots of these re commercial loans. They added a 'cost of liquidity' on top of the index rate, but as part of tracker examination discovered not all contracts allowed it. Yours must have had old wording. There's another thread on it somewhere.
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    We have updated the software behind Askaboutmoney

    3 things I like straight away: The search function seems to be working now It's easy to see threads you've posted to before I was having issues before with editing text on mobile where words were getting deleted, but it seems to be fixed I don't like the modern new look, but I'm sure I'll get...
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    Does mortgage provider contact employer?

    There shouldn't be any questions that go beyond what's on the salary cert.
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    Moving on with negative equity

    But, it's only an anecdote if someone else says it!
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    Moving on with negative equity

    Apologies, I meant 6%. Nobody is investing at 5% yields.
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    how to renegotiate loan repayments with meaningful equity but tight cash flows?

    I thought the same, but then noticed the comma. So ",7k" means 700 to you & I.
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    Moving on with negative equity

    I can give you several examples where property values are this much below their peak. Including the street I sold on last year. A rent of 2400 pcm @ 6% yield is only 480k valuation. No they don't. Not if they have a property price register.
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    Taxation of income from an overseas PHI policy.

    As mentioned above, which bank account it's paid into is irrelevant. However, you'll need to get clarification on this, but I think it would be taxed as an 'non-approved' scheme, in which case it's only assessed for tax where benefits have been received for 12 months prior to the year of...
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    Moving on with negative equity

    You're already in breach of the exemption for rent a room relief: A. Your income is in excess of 14,000 per year, and B. You're not occupying the house as your sole residence. So, you're obviously already paying tax? Under a formal letting arrangement, you'd be able to offset the mortgage...
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    4 Meter Garage

    There is no mention of symmetric in the planning & development regulations. Just 'pitched'. A lean-to is pitched. The finish is the important criteria.
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    State Savings - 40/50k for 10yrs

    Yes, return is dismal if you cash out in first 5 years, but it's not as bad as a fixed deposit with a bank @Brendan Burgess You always get 100% of you're money back, and the amount of interest you receive is pre determined before you start. Banks will refuse to allow access if they can't...
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    State Savings - 40/50k for 10yrs

    The funds are accessible at 7 days notice at any time during the 10 years.
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    Key Post I got cash back three times in 6 months

    That's the one. Section 26 is the relevant part: "(2) A creditor shall be entitled to fair and objective compensation, where justified, for possible costs directly linked to the early repayment, but shall not impose a sanction on the consumer, and any such compensation shall not exceed the...
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    Deeds ...Where to get and how much?

    Was there ever a mortgage on the property? Try the bank. they weren't always automatically returned so might be with the bank. Next try their solicitor - some solicitors store documents for clients. Failing that, you need to find out if it's a land registry or registry of deeds. Land registry...
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    New owners have redirected post before signing contracts!

    Yes. As soon as they sign contracts, they've an insurable interest in your house (in case you've under insured it). If they've a good solicitor, they'll have insurance before they sign. The insurance company will send the letter the the insured address. The buyers won't have known that. I'm...