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    Ulster Ulster Bank redress in this quarter

    Still nothing here either, Former FA and deemed impacted now almost 12 momths
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    Ulster Former First Active now Ulster Bank Customer

    The Governor of the Central Bank has said that most of the customers wrongly taken off tracker mortgages will have received their compensation payments by the end of June. Seen this on RTE News Im worried about one word in his statement, MOST, its not good enough as its not a deninite...
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    Ulster Former First Active now Ulster Bank Customer

    Hi All, got 2 letters from Ulster Bank today asking to confirm identity of myself and wife, got a letter each. Regular yearly statements come addressed to both of us as Mr and Mrs. Impacted letter recieced last July was to me and wife in her Maiden name, and mortgate was taken as Mr and Mrs...
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    Former First Active

    Hi All, has any former First Active customers now UB recieved redress yet ??