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    UK Interest Rates

    As of today, the above 10 year fixed rates have been reduced by 0.1% to 2.94% and 2.84% respectively. There is some serious competition in the UK mortgage market if 10-year fixes are available at such low rates.
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    UK Interest Rates

    It's interesting that, in the UK, you can now get a 10-year fixed rate at 3.04% with no mortgage application fee or 2.94% with a £999 application fee. These deals are available from Nationwide. Personally, having moved across the border to Northern Ireland 2 years ago, I've now managed to...
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    Buying new house should I sell investment property ?

    In the example above, the €19.2 income stream from rent is costing the op €1500 in interest on the loan secured against the property. Let's use an estimate of €3700 for other expenses. The profit before tax is €14k here and roughly halving this due to the impact of taxes leaves €7k profit...
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    Buying new house should I sell investment property ?

    I agree with dub_nerd. This is in no way similar to an investment in a €200k bond at 3.5% because the entire €400k is invested whilst selling and buying a bond would only result in a €200k investment. What I tend to do in these situations is to do up a forecasted tax return to calculate your...
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    Key Post How to invest directly in shares

    It could be worth adding information on how investing in non-dividend paying shares and aiming to get your entire return from capital appreciation is probably a better approach for someone who has sold an investment property at a loss and has significant capital losses to write off against...
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    Are the bank's criteria OTT?

    The tax paid on rental profits by landlord does not reduce his/her eventual CGT liability. They are two completely separate taxes and do not impact one and other. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rental property repairs - tax relief

    Repairs are fully allowable but the figures for a landlord will depend entirely on his own personal circumstances. If the landlord isn't making a profit on the rental property through a large mortgage or some other reason, he'll not actually save anything on the repair costs - but will, instead...
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    Rental property repairs - tax relief

    It's not free but he'll pay less tax on profits - to what extent depends on his marginal rate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Announcement 25% bonus this Xmas to social welfare recipients

    There'll likely be people complaining about this, not realizing that the administration of the means testing would cost well in excess of the money saved by doing so.
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    Berkshire Hathaway class B

    I think it's an excellent choice if you're one of the many people who has sold an investment property at a loss in recent years and has suffered losses for CGT purposes.
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    Water Charges Tenant or Landlord to pay?

    I also received a pack for one of my rental properties. My question is - would the tenant themselves have also received a pack? I haven't been speaking to my tenant yet but must contact him next week.
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    AIB 3 year Fixed Rate 4.20%
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    AIB 3 year Fixed Rate 4.20%

    If it's available, they should be able to tell you. If the article was an error, having a printout of the article will make no difference. I'd probably try ringing the mortgage department to ask them about it too, before the meeting. I'd do this to make sure the bank branch staff weren't...
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    Lotto Online transactions - Mortgage approval

    I believe it does but, regardless, why risk it - even if you were sure that you were going to apply to KBC and were a personal friend of an underwriter and, hence, knew it would have no impact? Underwriting rules change and are you really unable to just withdraw cash at the ATM and do the...
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    AIB 3 year Fixed Rate 4.20%

    I've read a lot of posts lately that give the impression that banks aren't losing anywhere near as much as people think on their tracker mortgages. In some cases, where the margin is 1%+ over ECB, they may actually be losing nothing (but making no profit either) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mortgage - Variable or Fixed? Help!

    The question is, what does the fixed rate revert to after the year is up? Do you get to decide between one of the LTV rates or do they stick you on another, higher, rate? The APR suggests that the fixed rates may not be quite as good as they may originally look. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How much to use for deposit

    Most banks have better interest rates if your mortgage is 60% or less than the value of the house. This makes a huge difference over the mortgage term so I'd put €88,000 into a €220,000 property and take a €132,000 mortgage. This leaves €12,000 remaining, of which €5,000+ will be spent on...
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    ECB cuts base rate to 0.05%

    That means those on Danske ECB+0.5% trackers are now paying €45.83 interest per month per €100,000 mortgage.
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    Ulster Bank - being unreasonable??

    The bank are not being unreasonable. At the moment, you are both jointly liable for the mortgage meaning that the bank can follow either of you if you go into arrears. This is good for the bank. You are looking for your ex partner to take on a mortgage for a house that he will not be living...
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    Key Post The best way to transfer large amounts in euro to and from other currencies The link is above. You maintain balances in the various currencies within the account and transfer between them as desired. You can withdraw in all the major currencies as well. For transferring the money to the account, they have a Euro...