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    ward of court and dirt tax

    are funds that earn interest for a person that is a ward of court subject to dirt tax? or is that person considered an permanently incapacitated person (if there is no reason to expect their condition will improve)?
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    young lad casual work and tax

    thinking of giving my pals son (18) some work cutting the lawns. He would earn about 50 -70 euro for each cut but I wonder do I then become a employer and then do I have to sort out his tax etc. Would love to give him the bit of work as he is starting college (hopefully) in september and could...
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    leave of absence

    My family circumstances dictate that my family must live in another part of the country and I must work in different part. I may be able to take one or two years leave of absence from my employer. My question is can I take that leave of absence from my employer but then get another full time...
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    vtech products on a small pc

    Toshiba NB505
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    vtech products on a small pc

    Thanks I tried unlocking the task bar and no luck. I will try to connect to the tv tomorrow but I think it will only show what the pc shows. Its worth a try though . any more solutions?
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    vtech products on a small pc

    I have a netbook or notebook computer. I have downloaded the vtech learning lodge to this so i can set up some toys my kids have with additional downloads etc. My problem is that the app is obviously designed for a larger screen and there are no scroll bars, i cannot see the bottom of the app...
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    Large Insulated curtain material

    use good quality blackout lining you could even double it over. you can get it on e bay for a fraction of the price it is in the shops
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    disney on ice tickets

    how come disney on ice tickets are advertised as only going on sale tomorrow when I got my tickets for it in late june? My tickets are for the 2.30 show on nov 9th. Just curious as to why you cant get them now and have to wait till friday? did they just release some or are sales so bad the they...
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    LPT: My tenants recieved letter from revenue, do I wait for bill in my name for LPT?

    still no bill in my name - I wonder if I can use this as a reason for late payment?? :-)
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    LPT: My tenants recieved letter from revenue, do I wait for bill in my name for LPT?

    My tenants got a bill for LPT in their name so they sent letter back saying I was liable for these taxes. Do I wait to get a new bill issued in my name or do I use the bill issued in the tenants name to pay the bill on time? The letters were sent in three weeks ago and I have not heard...
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    Asda/ Ikea belfast

    thanks for all your help
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    Asda/ Ikea belfast

    Heading to Belfast soon and want to go to both these stores. Can anyone one tell me which Asda is the closest to IKEA? and also I would like to go to a big ASDA store not one of the smaller highstreet stores. From what I can see on line I think the shore road one is the closest but want to...
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    airline obligations if there is strike

    just trying to find out what is the position if a flight is cancelled due to a air traffic controllers strike? flying to the USA and just wondering what is the position if this happens do the airline have to put me up in a hotel until they can fly me out and pay for food etc. Was watching news...
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    insurance including strike cover

    Hi I am looking for a single trip policy to cover a family trip to the usa for 44 days later this year. I am finding it difficult to find one which covers strike. I am terrified that the air traffic controllers will strike when we are due to go (july). Also I am currently expecting a baby buy...
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    Glass / Perspex to make picture frames

    I got it on e bay a few years ago for a fraction of the B and Q price
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    anyone know where to purchase knitting needles and and wool in Tuam?

    anyone know where to purchase knitting needles and and wool in Tuam?
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    02 hotshot ethernet?

    we have and o2 hotshot for wifi in the house, we want to connect the sky+ box to the net via this but there is no place for an ehternet cable - We are not experts when it comes to these kind of things so does anyone have any idea how to connect the sky+ box to the o2 hotshot (the one without the...
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    Mis-sold MRP

    Back in January 2009 I was put on a three day week by my employer. I went down to my local Ulster bank to re-arrange my mortgage. The manager there at the time said they would be able to do this for me. It turned out that I did not require the re-arrangement after all, as my employer went back...