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    Signed there a cooling off period?

    Health & Safety, sorry!
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    Signed there a cooling off period?

    Is it possible to defer/cancel a signed contract? Our business signed up for an Employment Law/Health & Safety Agreement with a well known Company(on the day the Sales Consultant visited). With hindsight we should not have been so hasty. No monies have changed hands. We have asked for a...
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    Splashbacks - Tiles or Glass

    I have a high gloss kitchen and went with the glass splashback. Best thing I ever did. Looks so sleek, there is no grout for dirt to get trapped in, all it takes to clean is a wipe of a damp jcloth-same with the kitchen, I worried too about smudges etc beacuse I have small kids but I love my...
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    Judgement Mortgage not enforced on Sale of we have a case?

    Very interesting, Vanilla. Like Brendan I thought that the sale could not proceed without the Judgement Mortgage being discharged. The fact that the JM far exceeds the value of the property might have lead the buyers to believe that it was worth the risk that we would never enforce it as all...
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    Judgement Mortgage not enforced on Sale of we have a case?

    Brendan, No, I am not confusing them I know the difference. We had a judgement mortgage registered against a commercial property. I have the copy of same in front of me. The property was subsequently sold. Acting on our instructions our Solicitor wrote a letter to the Solicitors...
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    Judgement Mortgage not enforced on Sale of we have a case?

    Thanks to all of you for your replies.
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    Judgement Mortgage not enforced on Sale of we have a case?

    Vanilla, thanks for your reply. It is not my solicitor that I am suggesting acted negligently, it is the solicitor for the vendor in this case. My solicitor had no hand, act or part in the sale of the property. Is the onus on the vendor's solicitor or the buyer's solicitor to perform a...
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    Judgement Mortgage not enforced on Sale of we have a case?

    Hi, Can anybody tell me if a business would recourse to action against a solicitor if he/she fails to do a search/ignores the result of a search for any judgement mortgages that may be attached to a property he/she is charged with selling and subsequently does sell. And if so, is there a time...
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    selling a house yourself?

    You an advertise your home on I haven't had any contacts yet from my listing tho...
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    Husqvarna Automower

    Alert, I've seen the Husqvarna robot mower in action on an urban commerical site in Sweden a few years ago. I was sitting in the car waiting for my other half to finish an errand and I saw this robot mowing the grass of the lot beside me. Brilliant!
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    massive wicker chair

    I could be wrong but I'm sure I saw one in Abbey Furniture in Nenagh during the summer. You could give them a call they might still be in stock. I'm pretty sure it was nowhere near €2200 :eek:
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    Reverse osmosis

    Hi all, Has anyone bought one of these systems: and if so were you happy with it? We live in a hard water area, but I am not interested in getting a water softening system installed. Just mainly want a filtration system for drinking...
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    Free to Air TV-installer with mobile no.only

    Hi Browser, I'm in North Tipp and John installed the same package for me approx three years ago after I saw his ad in the Tipp Tatler. I had the same concerns as you initially, but to this day I've never had a problem. Granted, he sounds and looks like a cowboy alright, but I've never had any...