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    The Minister believes that the banks have intrinsic value

    We don't have to default on the guarantee - all we have to do is not extend it.
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    Best and Worst performing sectors for UK and Europe

    The organisations that would possess this data are the index providers. So in Europe try MSCI; FTSE and DJ Stoxx. If they provide it for regions then they probably do it globally too. I suggest that you look at S&P in the US. Otherwise Bloomberg and Reuters might be another place to try...
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    index tracker funds and charges

    Re: Vanguard - Irish retail investors lose out I am in the process of moving my pension into a self invested pension plan (in the UK). I plan to get assEt class exposure via ETF and trackers. There must be literally dozens of cheap S&P trackers out there. As I mentioned Vanguard are know for...
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    index tracker funds and charges

    Re: Vanguard - Irish retail investors lose out There are a couple of reasons for this I think. 1: International equities are not an important asset class for Irish investors. They should be, but they are not. In my experience, Irish investors (both retail and institutional) had an unhealthy...
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    S&P 500 Index Fund with Bank of Ireland

    I just noticed that too. Hedge funds charge 1.5%. An index tracker should not cost you more than 0.4% and ideally should cost half of that. Buying these types of products through a bank is not really a good idea.
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    Indexed Europe Fund - Irish Times 3rd July - 0.4% charge

    Vanguard (the US index fund manager) have recently launched a FTSE 100 tracker that only charges 0.15%. As far as I know they plan to roll out a number of pan-European trackers. These, hopefully, will become the benchmark for pricing trackers in Europe.
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    Holiday Home inheritance

    Ok, thanks for clarifying that, I read the post too quickly. Can the house be gifted subject to personal allowances? I understand that there could be a tax clawback on part of the value of the gift if the parent passes away within a certain time period? Separately, do you know how to...
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    Holiday Home inheritance

    Thanks for the the replies guys. So there is no CGT liability on a second home if it is sold or gifted within the family? We are speaking to the lender and an independent mortgage broker. We are not too sure whether to go interest only or full repayment when we take over the mortgage - none of...
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    Holiday Home inheritance

    Hi all, I am looking for advice on how to help my parents with the mortgage on their holiday home and the associated gifting/inheritance issues. They have a PPR with no debt and an Irish holiday home with a mortgage of €200k. My parents are in their early 70s and have a pretty good pension...
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    Walk away from US property. Credit Rating & other implications etc in Ireland and US?

    Re: Walking away from US property.Any implications for here? Check the terms of your US mortgage. Some US mortgages appear to allow the owner to walk away from the debt because they are non-recourse. If, however, you took a mortgage out with an Irish bank then you will not be able to do this.
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    Why did Anglo force Quinn to convert his CFD'S?

    Do remember that plucky Mr. Quinn probably gave short sellers some sleepless nights when they found out the size of his holding. For this reason alone I suspect that many people influential people in Ireland were quietly pleased to see a domestic investor build this position. However, no...
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    Fix Interest Rates in UK Buy to Let ?

    I do not know enough about your financial situation to really help. I take it that you cannot sell because you cannot afford to repay the mortgage balance? In that case you have to minimise your mortgage payments whilst maximising rental income (bloody obvious yes I know). I am surprised...
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    Fix Interest Rates in UK Buy to Let ?

    Rates may indeed go lower but banks have suddenly become prudent again so the base rate is of little relevance to the mortgage rate that you will be charged when you are deep in negative equity. The OP ought to test the remortgage market to see what options are available. I would try and fix...
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    8bn for the banks

    The bank are getting €8bn now. I for one believe that this will not be enough. We have somewhere around €360bn of property debt out there. We will probably face loan losses in excess of the UK property crash of the early 1990s so if you are a taxpayer, you had better keep your cheque book handy.
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    property in Singapore

    Do you not have to be a Singaporian national to buy property there? My brother lives there and he had to buy with his (local) wife.
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    Will reduced lending to buy push up rents

    The landlord is a price taker in this market because the supply of properties for rent appears to outstrip demand. Whether the landlord is actually making or loosing money on their BTL is of no interest to the renter.
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    Should the government have insisted on board/management resignations ?

    Unfortunately we have not. We have paid without receiving much privilege. Our team of top-class negotiators have suceeded in limiting the government rights to changes in control and capital structure. True, they can appoint some directors, but see my last post for my take on that. I wonder if...
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    Should the government have insisted on board/management resignations ?

    It all depends on who they appoint to these positions. Given the track record of the current government, I would not hold out too much hope that we will see the government appoint experienced and independent people to the boards. Just look at this recapitalisation! The government managed to...
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    what interest rate is gov charging to banks for bailout

    On the contrary, the guarantee is already costing the Irish taxpayer. The massive risk that is being borne by the taxpayer has resulted in Irish soverign debt becoming more expensive to issue.
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    Why is Anglo of systemic importance?

    Bear in mind that all of the Irish banks are linked via their over-exposure to property. A failure of Anglo might not be as easy to achieve without severly damaging the rest of the banks. AIB also has a big exposure to residential developers and probably does not want to see a wave of bankrupt...