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    bad breath

    Maybe the 'chemical' smell is his mouthwash??;) Diabetes can cause the breath to smell sickly sweet and chemically(?).
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    Any good movies out at the moment?

    I thought No Country for Old Men was great. It held my attention all the way through. Compelling viewing!! I haven't seen most of the others mentioned above but I will now. This is a great thread, saves me having to read the reviews!!
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    Would a north facing garden put you off buying a house?

    A 50ft north facing garden will get the sun at the bottom half during summer. This still leaves the back of the house, particularly the kitchen, very dark and cold. Like another poster above, we lived in a house with a north facing back garden for 7 years. We would never...ever do it again. Sorry!
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    Possible Laser card security issue?

    Well I certainly wouldn't be happy to have my personal bank details going through the postal system on the front of an envelope. The card is usually sent out first.
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    Photography Course

    That looks very good. Thanks for all the help guys.
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    Photography Course

    I'm looking for a basic course really. I can take photographs, just about :o, but I'd like to know more about lighting etc. Griffith College is a little too awkward for me to get to but I'll investigate the others. Thanks bankrupt.
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    Photography Course

    Thanks ClubMan, that looks interesting.
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    Photography Course

    Any idea where I'd find a good photography course in south Dublin? It'd have to be a beginners course I reckon.
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    happy christmas everyone

    A very merry Christmas to all!!
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    Worst christmas present ever!

    A gift wrapped box of matches!
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    Best song of all time

    Any Leonard Cohen song but Alexandra Lost in particular. Wish you were here - Pink Floyd Money - Pink Floyd Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum
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    Any recruitment agencies for person with weird background?

    Similar situation to above. I usually said that I had chosen to study something which I was extremely interested in, but realised that working in the area was not for me. For example Biochemistry is fascinating but in the world of work that, more often than not, translates into working in a lab...
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    I asked for a Boat of the Ice Cream man

    Ice cream boats always had fruit, albeit tinned!
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    Holidaying in Portugal after the abduction

    Tesco in Merrion Centre already have a number of posters stuck up around the place. It can't do any harm.
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    Do Dentists diregard the prices set out by prsi

    Yes indeed!:mad: A quick look through the threads on this board and it becomes obvious that dentistry needs to be regulated and policed more efficiently. Does anyone know if a dentist is obliged to display a price list?
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    Do Dentists diregard the prices set out by prsi

    Me too but I've never been refunded the money. I was always told that the price charged was after the deduction had been taken into account.
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    Do Dentists diregard the prices set out by prsi

    I'm just amazed that you managed to get a tooth pulled for 63 euro! :(
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    Wear and tear or damage?

    I don't think the landlord has the right to deduct the cost from one person's deposit as it's a shared dryer, unless he was swinging from it or abusing it in some way. In that case, which is doubtful, the other tenants would be right to leave payment up to him/her. You did pose the...