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    Options or stuck with Credit Union ?

    any advice appreciated: I borrowed €37000 from credit union last July at 11%to complete house project, I'm repaying €500 pm and can manage this right now how ever now that the dust has settled on the project literally, Im look at tightening finances and in all honestly I prob took too much on...
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    Badly want to sell house

    I have done some figures on this demoivre and would not break even taking storage, income tax, maintenance into account. Im noticing what other posters have observed regarding the asking price. Thanks
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    Badly want to sell house

    Im am desperate! When im buying on the proceeds surely this balances out?
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    Badly want to sell house

    I got my friend to act as a prospective buyer as recommended, and glad to report that the response was very good. Auctioneer was very informative, anxious to sell and really pushed a viewing. So all is well there, an interesting exercise. I still want to sell asap though!
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    Badly want to sell house

    Thanks Ryaner, Im organising to have this done tomorrow..
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    Badly want to sell house

    So you owe €65,000 but the house is in the €350,000+ bracket? Is this correct? Yes RMCF this is correct. It may seem a comfortable position but I have have other debts, not in regular employment and very little earning potential. Bronte: I gave the asking price bracket as a guide only. I have...
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    Badly want to sell house

    Hi, briefly the situation is I want to sell my house, I can just about manage the mortgage monthly with a balance of €65000 with BoSI. I have the house on the market since April this year, its in the €350000-€425000 price bracket, initially there was good interest but this floundered, a town...
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    Anyone booked a holiday with the Travel Counsellors?

    Travel Councellors Yes, i have used TC many times and found them excellent, from just booking flights to more specialised holiday. They offer a very detailed service and seem to go the extra mile! Their monthly newsletter also has good offers from time to time.
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    Will Bank of Scotland offer me a discount for early repayment?

    Hi. Not so sure if this is a general threat or not but feel redirect me if im not in the right area: I hope this has not been covered elsewhere on the site, in any case. I have a tracker mortgage with BOSI with a balance of €78,000, 6 years into a 20 year agreement. Im looking at...
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    Key Post What is a fair price for paying off a cheap tracker early?

    Possibility of clearing Tracker Mortgage. Hi. Not so sure if this is a general threat or not but feel redirect me if im not in the right area: I hope this has not been covered elsewhere on the site, in any case. I have a tracker mortgage with BOSI with a balance of €78,000, 6 years...
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    Where's the best European beach you've ever been on and why?

    Achill Island ; such a lack of pollution compared to Dublin and on a sunny day it rivals anywhere in the world minus the sharks, mosquitoes and other pests. I was in Keem Bay this afternoon, where both sky and sea were the most wonderful blue. A family or large group of about 30 people of all...
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    Anybody got a 'Stoker' stove from Mulberry Stoves

    I use a spray of oven cleaner on a sheet or two of kitchen paper, a quick wipe and its spick and span! try it...
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    Maintenance Reduction query

    Hi, Im looking for some views... My ex pay €100 a week maintenance for our daughter as per divorce agreement, he is in business and while i agree that there are some degree of change in his circumstances not maybe as bad as he is saying. He is in receipt of a public service pension this past 10...
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    Phone Tapping Bugging

    Some great information there and thank you both. Bullmouth , point taken about possibilities of depression schizophrenia etc, this is not the case. The person I fear maybe snooping is actually my ex, we are parted 8 years but he is not willing to let go. I went ahead with divorce 2 years ago...
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    Phone Tapping Bugging

    I change my email password from time to time, but i was thinking that it may be something different , like that this person can see into all my stuff rather than having a password, maybe bypassing passwords if it possible. As you can see im not very Tec minded. but have my concerns and dont know...
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    Phone Tapping Bugging

    Hi, This may be a long shot.. but wondering if phone tapping/bugging occurs nowadays and if there is a way to know if its happening to you. Im not an alarmist by any means, but have my concerns that someone living quiet near to me has a lot of information about my friends, work and even the...
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    Walking holidays

    HI, have a look at this too, again I have no association but priced with them on one occasion, Tourism Pure Walking Holiday I think they are based in North Mayo
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    Ce Scheme-One Parent Benefit

    Hi. Im due to end my contract in May this year on a CE Scheme, I am in receipt of OPB, I am looking for employment at present and cant bear the thought of been unemployed but if this should happen, am I still entitled to OPB while unemployed? Many thanks for any help received. P
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    One Parent Benefit with School Leaver

    Thanks Welfarite. I work part time and the OPB supplements my income. My concern is the gap without payment from May until Oct when he will be in 3rd level when I hopefully will continue with the OPB. I hope this makes it a little clearer..thanks v much P