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    AIB What are the implications of the ptsb fine for AIB prevailing rate customers and other tracker customers still in dispute?

    Spot on Brendan AIB will fight this one to the bitter end. It’s crucial we get one of these over the line and make sure it’s public. To my mind this is straightforward malfeasance. Nothing more nothing less. They did wrong and need to undo that but as the quantum is so high it’s worth them...
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    PTSB ptsb fined €21m by the Central Bank

    The fine is welcome but that should be it. It’s an extraordinary amount of money. This bloodlust looking for individuals in there to be fined/ sanctioned/ excecuted or whatever is unnecessary. They’ve already been hammered and some have lost their jobs too - probably appropriately so (no, I...
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    AIB AIB - who has appealed the €1650 /3.67% issue?

    Now with Ombudsman on this issue. Latest is they aren suggesting mediation. Will ask AIB do they want to offer anything. After that failing it’s a six month process of information gathering and then goes before Ombudsman for a decision. Would be better for all concerned if they just accepted...
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    Vulture Loan to be Sold to Pepper

    hi. Had a commercial loan from a UK Bank. That was sold to a Vulture in 2015, loan servicing by Pepper. Vulture/ Pepper appointed a receiver over the mortgaged property in 2017. Entered into a settlement agreement with Vulture in 2018 and I have stuck with the payment schedule agreed in the...
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    AIB AIB €1615 appeal rejected - should I go to the Ombudsman?

    Thanks Brendan, I will wait a while. Is there any value to be had in making representations to the CBI on this matter (AIB €1650 customers) - in a group context? Reading Charlie Weston's piece this morning in the Indo it seems CBI agreed to meet a group of 200 BoI staff who are being denied...
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    AIB AIB €1615 appeal rejected - should I go to the Ombudsman?

    Hi Brendan. Appeal was initially lodged with BDO on the 14th of July 2018 and after some back and forward with BDO and the usual guff from AIB it was officially rejected on November 22nd. It's now with the FSPO. I am debating if I should proceed with this route or wait for the high court action...
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    AIB AIB €1615 appeal rejected - should I go to the Ombudsman?

    Submitted and decided on. Appeal rejected.
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    AIB Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker

    I spoke to the FSPO this morning - we submitted the complaint last Friday. They are saying all tracker mortgage complaints are "held" until the CBI investigation is completed. Have you had any correspondence on this? We appear to be in a somewhat similar boat.
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    AIB AIb €1615 with a twist

    Yes, the 0.75% was the original track rate the mortgage was on - that loan was incepted in 2006
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    AIB AIb €1615 with a twist

    Brendan, I have completed the appeals process on one of these products all the way past the BDO AIB Tracker Mortgage appeals panel. Summary is: a 2 year fixed rate AIB mortgage taken out 2007 by my wife. She had a clear option to switch to a Tracker at the end of the fixed period. No options...