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    Consent to let

    " Attached is a sublet form for the property above. We have filled out the form on your behalf. Please can you sign and date the form and send it back so we can get this applied for. Consent to let is an agreement between you and your residential block managers, that grants you permission to...
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    Waste charges- pay by weight

    Easier way would be to put your full bin on a normal weighing scales before and after collection..
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    New Delivery Box from An Post

    I have one too, get an email when I get a delivery.. I had a chat with the postie, and he signs for any parcels that need a signature and puts it in the box for me so I never have to do go the sorting office. This is what I wanted the box for, so even though officially he shouldn't be doing...
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    Insurance for young (17 year old) drivers

    Try boxymo. Some very strict rules regarding the young lad's driving, but very competitive quotes..
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    Announcement Pension fund levy has done its job

    What do you mean by the public pension levy is a payment towards pension?
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    Motor car insurance & learner driver

    Im with AIG, and got a quite reasonable quote to put my 19 year old son on.. Aig were also by far the cheapest quote for me..
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    AIB, EBS cut variable interest rates

    It's a cartel anyway, the rest of the banks will no doubt follow suit next week..
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    AIB, EBS cut variable interest rates

    I certainly think we can thank Brendan for this!
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    Key Post Central Bank continues to mislead SVR mortgage holders about true rates

    Fair play Brendan, i for one am delighted that you are taking them to task over this.
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    Water Utility collecting PPS Numbers

    Was listening to Joe Duffy today, and the reason they're looking for the landlords pps number is so if the tenant doesn't register then the landlord will be charged. It will then be upto the landlord to get reimbursed from the tenant. Unbelievable but true.
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    Android Mobile Phone Purchase Advice.

    Hi Roy, With the "guido" package which is the cheapest package at 10 euro a month, you still get 60 minutes free landline minutes.. It will call anywhere in ireland using these so no real problem unless youre one of these people who obsess about ringing a landline.. Its free texting to any...
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    Android Mobile Phone Purchase Advice.

    My kids tether off me all the time, never been a problem.. They also say you have to be between 18 and 22! Well im not, but my eldest son is!! Oopsie!
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    Android Mobile Phone Purchase Advice. Probably the cheapest out there, ive been with them nearly 2 years.. I pay a tenner a month, you just cant go wrong with them..
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    Proper two way cycle lane to be built on Dublin quays

    Owen keegan, did a great job with the traffic in Dun laoghaire, looks like he's going to do the same in Dublin City..
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    Motor If my car is "beyond economic repair"...

    I know you were only having a bit of a laugh, but the scrappy will pay anyone 150 euro for any car, any condition, as scrap metal alone. Taking that he must be able to sell it on himself for a few euro more, then on top of that, taking out the easily resellable parts out of it, and all of a...
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    Motor If my car is "beyond economic repair"...

    What you're actually hoping for is the scrap yard offer as little as possible for the scrap. If the offer 100 euro, the insurance company have to pay you 1900 euro. If they offer you 1000 euro, you will only get 1000 euro from the ins. comp. What you want is the lowest possible offer from the...
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    Motor If my car is "beyond economic repair"...

    1500 sounds a lot for a wing and a door. Im sure you could get it fixed from a one man operation cheaper. The scrapyard mightnt want the hassle of it, so hard to tell how much they'll offer, the way theyll see it is, if they got it cheap, fixed it cheap, they could sell it on for a bit of...
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    Motor If my car is "beyond economic repair"...

    In addition to this, if your car was valued at 2k euro, it will probably be worth half that once its repaired, if its a Cat C. writeoff. Dealing with a 2k car makes it kind of hard to explain clearly, but to clear it up a bit ill tell you about a motorbike i owned. Bike got robbed, damaged...
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    Motor If my car is "beyond economic repair"...

    They value the car at 2k euro. 1500 euro is the cost to repair so the will declare it a Cat. C right off, meaning its not financially viable to repair it. What happens then is they contact a scrap yard, who come out, have a look at it and make an offer. The insurance company then sends you an...
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    Skype, Viber, Whats App - pros/cons/ are they a gimmick?

    They days of using sms are nearly gone. Soon youll only be paying for data, everything will be done by whatsapp, viber and the likes..