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    Anyone got letter re lower rates from PTSB?

    Hi, I got my house valued by one of PTSB's EA's. It took all of 5 minutes and she gave me a value on the spot, i thought it was a bit low but what do i know. She sent the written report out to me the next day and what did surprise however was that on the report was listed other houses in the...
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    Need a spare key for an 07 Focus Diesel

    Got this sorted eventually, in autokey near the redcow, about €50 i think it was
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    Front Door Hinges

    Hi, the front door has been a bit wonky for some time, normally due to her indoors and the kids banging it but i normally just adjust it with an allen key every few months but im thinking it would be better to fix it properly before it breaks totally. As you can see the top gold...
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    Need a spare key for an 07 Focus Diesel

    ta, i rang them, it was €160 for a new key and €60 for a normal key without the buttons, reasonable enough really but ideally id like to save a few quid and get one off ebay and program it myself if it was possible.
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    Need a spare key for an 07 Focus Diesel

    I have only one, like the one below, i got only 1 with the car and obviously i'd like to get another, but im reading all types of conflicting stuff that you need two keys to program a third etc so i dont really now how to go about it, obviously i'd go to the Ford garage as a last resort...
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    Putting floating shelves up

    Does it involve making the shelves or what, €600 to throw up a few shelves seems out about 6 times too much imo and thats being a good tipper.
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    Husband's cappuccino habit costing €40/month, thinking of buying a cappuccino machine

    Get a mocca pot, aldi have them occasionally and a frother, also in aldi from time to time. Buy a small tin of espresso coffee in lidl and your sorted
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    Moved to England, I lied about experience on CV now employer is looking - P45 form?

    tell em you cant find it and youve applied for a new one, pay emergency tax for a bit and in a few weeks or months slip it to someone in accounts or something.
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    I Phone Bill

    i have a free app on my android, Anova, where u put in your plan details and ill keep an eye on it for you, i only have a 150mb limit and manage fine, use it at home, and outside only to check the odd thing, Id say if you didnt keep an eye on it it would easily spiral out of controll, as with...
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    Proposed ferry from Cork to Gijon, Spain

    yeah, me too, brother is moving to Santander or Gijon in may, viva Espana.
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    Proposed ferry from Cork to Gijon, Spain

    Google translate this seems like a once a week cork-gijon may be on the cards for 2012 The highway of the sea is about to take a new step in its development. By the end of this year will enter service the second ship of...
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    Making sure I can get debt forgiveness.

    Same as above poster, i could have gotten a mortgage for nearly double what i eventually took, and me and the missus could drive better cars than our 99 & 00 1.4 engines. Ill be damn annoyed if ppl are getting amounts wiped off their mortgage, I would however be all for allowing ppl to go...
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    Making sure I can get debt forgiveness.

    I could of course arranged to be sacked, ie not turn up for a few weeks etc. Just saying, if they're going to cut amounts off people's mortgages they have to do it for everyone. Not going to happen of course but i would accept it if they just allowed ppl to rent the houses for a long period...
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    Making sure I can get debt forgiveness.

    Or should i quit/get sacked from my job, get debt forgiveness and then get a new job which wouldnt be hard for me?
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    Making sure I can get debt forgiveness.

    I've abig student loan to pay off from a bank abroad. Should i start paying more into that and less into my mortgage as im not going to get debt forgiveness for the student loan? I can live without a good credit rating?
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    ONQ's proposal for Universal Debt Forgiveness

    yeah, i know its all up in the air, but you cant just reward people for their stupidity. Whatever is done it has to be fair to everyone, otherwise it'll just be open to corruption.
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    Morgan Kelly suggests that debt forgiveness will cost only €6 bilion

    Im seriusly wondering why do i bother paying mine, bought in 2009 and havnt missed a payment. No i hear i could have bought a bigger house, paid less, or nothing at all and have a big chunk taken off it! Crazy stuff.
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    Scrapping a car

    anyone got a ball park figure as to what they'll pay? I have a 99 corolla and a 00 Almera that could be going that way any day?
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    Almera 00, 67k miles, are these cars any good?

    i have one but the missus drives it now, hasnt given us a moments trouble apart from wheel nuts breaking with tyre changes, is a bit of a weak car but it does the job
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    How does your garden grow? (Fruit & Veg)

    a few pics would be nice lads, anyone got such a thing as a curved raised bed? Im hoping to put one in over the summer.